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Why are Men Who Sit in the Office Prone to Prostatitis?

Douglas is a 24-year-old programmer, a worker who has been sitting in the office for a long time. Due to work, Douglas must face the computer every day and even spends more than 10 hours on the computer every day. Sometimes, he is too busy to drink a mouthful of water. Although he does not drink water, he always urinates frequently and urgently, seriously affecting Douglas's working state.

Recently, Douglas went to the hospital to find out what caused his frequent and urgent urination. The results showed that he was, unfortunately, suffering from prostatitis.
Why do people who sit in the office easily have prostatitis?
The main reason the sedentary people in the office are prone to suffer from prostatitis is that they often sit, making the prostate excrete poorly. Like Douglas, people sitting in the office are often sedentary, making it very easy to suffer from prostatitis. Prostatitis has become one of the urological diseases with the highest incidence rate in young and middle-aged men.
A study has found that nearly half of people in today's society have difficulty getting up and moving once they sit down at work. Some even move when they go to the toilet, and other times they keep sitting. For sedentary office men, they spend most of the day sitting.
Why do sedentary men in the office tend to have prostatitis? The specific reasons are as follows:
1. Sitting still can easily hurt the prostate
It is common for the sedentary office elites to sit for eight hours or more a day, especially when they sit on the soft sofa or chair for a long time, and their hips are deeply immersed in the couch. The filler will wrap and compress the scrotum, causing the venous return to be blocked. It can cause the blood microcirculation of the whole reproductive system of men to be blocked and the metabolism of new and old to slow down. And it then causes the excretion of harmful substances produced by metabolism to be blocked and deposited in the prostate, thus leading to the occurrence of sterile prostate and the aggravation of various bacterial prostatitis.
2. If you don't exercise regularly, your resistance will decrease
The elite of the sedentary office people usually have high work pressure, so when they are free, they will choose to sleep at home instead of exercising. It will significantly reduce their fitness function, reduce their resistance, and promote the incidence of prostatitis.
3. The prostate can't bear the burden of numerous social activities
The sedentary people in the office need to socialize with people from all walks of life at work. It is unavoidable to smoke, drink alcohol and eat spicy food. However, these entrances will cause the capillaries in the prostate to expand and congest, and the exudate between tissue cells will become more, which will enlarge the gland volume of the prostate and cause pressure on the nerve tissue that regulates local functions, thus providing excellent conditions for the production of prostatitis.
How to treat prostatitis?
Generally speaking, if you, unfortunately, have prostatitis, you need not be too nervous. You can take herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, for symptomatic treatment. It is prescribed according to the patient's specific situation to reduce and alleviate the symptoms.
At the same time, exercise is also essential. Often going out to exercise and strengthen physical activity can strengthen the body and improve the body's immunity.
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