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Why Does Your Chronic Prostatitis Become More Severe After Treatment

Chronic prostatitis, which accounts for 30% of the outpatient department of Urology, is a common disease among men. It burdens the body, mind, family, and economy, and many patients feel that life is better than death.

In seeking medical treatment, many patients with chronic prostatitis often feel that the more they are treated, the more serious their condition is. How is this going on? Let's have a look!
Some patients feel that their chronic prostatitis is more severe after treatment. What is the reason?
1. Increased psychological burden
Many patients have been treated for a long time. But their symptoms have not been fundamentally improved, resulting in anxiety, suspicion, disappointment, and other emotions, and increased sensitivity to prostatitis symptoms. These patients consciously think that all the uncomfortable symptoms are caused by prostatitis. It deepens the psychological burden of the disease and shows apparent mental abnormalities, even exceeding the pain of the disease itself, which is not conducive to treating prostatitis.
Although the symptoms in some patients did not worsen, the number of white blood cells on the prostate fluid examination report did not decrease or even increase, causing panic.
2. Life habits have not been corrected
In addition to inflammation, prostatitis is closely related to daily eating and working habits. There are more and more factors affecting chronic prostatitis. In addition to bacterial infection, daily long-term sedentary, urination, getting a cold, drinking, eating raw and spicy food, staying up late, unsanitary sexual life, and frequent masturbation will lead to repeated attacks of prostatitis, and even more and more serious symptoms. If the patient does not correct these living habits during the treatment process, it will lead to the recurrence of the disease, which becomes even more and more serious!
3. Improper treatment
The treatment of chronic prostatitis needs to adopt appropriate methods. If the antibiotics are used for too long, the antibiotics are changed frequently, and the antibiotic dose is too small or too much, it will lead to improper treatment and difficulty in curing the disease. And the abuse of antibiotics will also lead to the emergence of drug resistance, the more serious the therapy. 
It is suggested that the patients should be treated with traditional Chinese medicine, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, and adhere to the doctor's advice. It can eliminate symptoms without side effects. 
In short, chronic prostatitis needs long-term treatment, and patients cannot give up treatment. In addition, patients should have a correct understanding of chronic prostatitis and a sufficient understanding of the anatomy, etiology, pathogenesis, treatment, and prognosis of the prostate to overcome chronic prostatitis.
The following suggestions are for your reference:
1. According to the course of treatment, don't give up because you can't see the effect in a short time, stop the treatment at will after it is effective, and strive for a complete cure.
2. In treating chronic prostatitis, diet and life taboos are equally important. They are indispensable conditions for strengthening the curative effect and reducing recurrence. Patients should correct their diet and living habits.
3. To correctly understand chronic prostatitis, we should actively face the treatment, strategically despise the disease, tactically attach importance to the condition, and actively cooperate with the medicine to cure the disease.
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