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Prostatitis among Office Workers: Scientific Prevention is the Key

According to statistics, the incidence of prostatitis has become higher and higher. It can be seen that office workers are prone to prostatitis. This is because these men who sit in the office daily may have s high risk of prostatitis. Therefore, scientific prevention of prostatitis is the key for these male friends.

To keep healthy, men must prevent the occurrence of prostatitis. This article will also introduce the methods to avoid prostatitis in office workers.
The pace of modern urban life is relatively fast. Under such a high-pressure and fast-paced life, the health of many white-collar men is threatened by diseases. Prostatitis is a common disease. In fact, as long as male friends pay more attention, prostatitis can be completely prevented. What's more, preventing prostatitis is the wisest way to stay away from the disease, and it is also easier to do.
White collars who sit in the office for long will wear suits and shoes all day long, bathe every day, and pay attention to personal hygiene. But why do prostate diseases favor white-collar men? This is due to their sedentary work and lifestyle.
Traditional Chinese medicine believes that "sitting for a long time is harmful to health." It is common for white-collar workers to sit for eight hours or more a day from nine to five. Sitting for a long time and lack of sports block the circulation of qi and blood of white-collar workers. It is easy to cause congestion in the male genitals, leading to swelling and inflammation of the prostate.
In particular, the sofa and soft chairs are more harmful to male reproductive health. When men sit on the soft sofa, the hips deep in the sofa, the filler will wrap and compress the scrotum, blocking the venous return, causing the men's entire reproductive system to have blood microcirculation stopped, and metabolism slowed. It will lead to the poor excretion of harmful substances produced by metabolism, silting up in the prostate, which will lead to the occurrence of sterile prostate and the aggravation of various bacterial prostatitis.
The occurrence of prostatitis is closely related to life, and the prevention of prostatitis requires regular life. Frequent sexual life will put the prostate in a state of hyperemia for a long time, while long-term abstinence will also lead to reflex gland flushing and hyperemia, which is also bad for the prostate.
Adequate drinking water can effectively dilute the concentration of metabolites in urine and reduce the stimulation of harmful substances in urine to prostate tissue. The average daily drinking water volume is more than 2000 ml.
Holding urine is one of the main factors that cause prostatitis. Therefore, in daily life, preventing prostatitis should develop the habit of not holding urine. When urinating, the bladder wall muscle and the external urethral sphincter contract and relax in coordination, which is conducive to maintaining the normal physiological function of the bladder and prostate.
Experts said that the degree of holding urine would increase the tension of the prostate capsule, which will cause prostate diseases in the long run. Avoid sitting for a long time and excessive pressure on the perineum. The prostate is located under the bladder, and the perineum is pressed for a long time, leading to damage to the prostate tissue, congestion and edema in light cases, and acute prostatitis and even urinary retention in severe cases.
Now many men may know how to prevent prostatitis. Currently, males do not have healthy work styles, so it is essential to avoid andrological diseases.
If men are unfortunately infected with prostatitis, they do not need to worry too much. Prostatitis can be cured. In the acute phase, we must actively use antibiotics to control inflammation. If it is chronic inflammation, the traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill will be a better choice. That is, it can eliminate symptoms and cure the disease without recurrence.
I hope this content can help you. Finally, I wish you all good health.
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