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Is B-ultrasound Prompt "Prostate Calcification" Serious?

Although prostate calcification does not make patients feel more discomfort in the early stage of the disease, as the disease develops, there will be clinical manifestations such as frequent urination, painful urination, and reduced sexual ability. At this time, the effect of taking medicine is often less significant, so many people feel that the disease is severe. 


Is prostate calcification severe?

I. Prostate calcification is not severe.

Prostate calcification is not an overly serious prostate disease. It is mainly caused by adverse stimulation caused by patients with prostatitis or prostatic hyperplasia. There is often no discomfort in the early stage, which will be detected during the health examination. However, even so, patients should be paid attention to and should actively receive appropriate treatment.

II. How to treat prostate calcification?

1. Antibiotic treatment

The most basic and commonly used treatment for prostate calcification is antibiotics. Patients can take azithromycin tablets, penicillin tablets, and levofloxacin tablets on time, according to the advice of specialists. They can inject a specific dose of Norfloxacin if necessary, but these drugs have more side effects. Patients should take it carefully.

2. Gland injection therapy

Gland injection therapy can be used as an adjuvant treatment for this disease. But, it has great disadvantages, so it is not recommended to be the first choice for treatment.

3. Traditional Chinese medicine treatment

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, prostate calcification is mainly caused by qi and blood stasis and lower scorching dampness and heat, so it is necessary to take herbal medicine to activate blood circulation and remove blood stasis, dampness, and heat for rational treatment. 

Patients can take traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions composed of honeysuckle, raw liquorice and wild chrysanthemum in water. At the same time, they can take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which has the main effects of detoxifying, activating blood circulation and tonifying qi and diuresis. Taking medicine according to the doctor's advice can make the calcification spots on the prostate disappear.

III. Daily precautions for prostate calcification

I. Develop good work and rest habits

Patients with prostate calcification must develop good and regular work and rest habits and avoid staying late or all night. Go to bed and get up early and live a regular life. At the same time, you should avoid overwork and pay attention to preventing colds. Otherwise, it will easily lead to low immune function and the recurrence of prostate diseases.

II. Dietary conditioning

1. Dietary taboos

Patients should strictly avoid eating more irritating foods such as spicy, greasy, and raw and cold tastes, such as barbecue, fried food, and pickled products. Eat seafood such as shrimp and crabs. Give up your bad hobbies of smoking and drinking in time. Also, drink as few drinks as strong tea, espresso, and carbonated drinks as possible. And eat less tuna, fatty meat and viscus with high fat and cholesterol content.

2. Dietary nutrition principles

Patients must adhere to high-protein and high-fiber dietary habits, increase their intake of vitamins and minerals, eat fresh fruits, vegetables, and grains daily, and drink more plain boiled water, especially zinc-rich pumpkin seeds and nuts can help promote prostate health.

III. Keep yourself clean and hygienic

Prostatitis often stimulates recurrent attacks of prostate calcification, so patients must pay attention to keeping themselves clean and hygienic, wash the prostate and scrotum with warm water every day, replace clean and loose cotton underwear, and avoid sedentary, especially for men who ride bicycles or drive for a long time. Strengthen attention to improve blood circulation in the prostate to relieve and prevent calcification.

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