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Diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill - a terminator of nonbacterial prostatitis
Commonly, it is harder to treat nonbacterial prostatitis than bacterial prostatitis. However, the herbal medicine like diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill has good curative effect in the treatment of nonbacterial prostatitis. Then, how does the herbal pill work effectively on nonbacterial prostatitis?
Inventor of the diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill, Dr. Lee Xiaoping, says nonbacterial prostatitis refers to there is not found pathogenic microorganisms through the prostatic fluid examination, but patients also have prostatitis symptoms, such as pain in the genitals and pelvic area, or pain during or after ejaculation. Thus, some herbs which can promote Qi and release pain, activate blood and resolve stasis are needed for eliminating these symptoms. The herbal medicine diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill contains herbs like peach seed, peony which works on releasing pain in the genitals and pelvic area and painful sex effectively and naturally. 
Besides, the patients always feel frequent urination and itch urinary. And the herbal medicine also contains herbs like Cowherb seed, Semen plantaginis, Dianthus superbus and H. cordata which have the functions of clearing heat and removing toxin, stranguria-relieving diuretic. It can thoroughly release the symptoms of pain urinary, urgency and frequency etc. According to the medical survey, it plays good therapeutic effect on nonbacterial prostatitis treatment. And there is a patient’s real case about the disease.
Mr. Cheng, 40-year-old, was tortured by nonbacterial prostatitis for many years. He had the symptoms like urethral discomfort, itching, urgency and frequency; and he emerged sexual dysfunction caused by the disease. Before taking the herbal pill diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill, he tried many treatments, but in vain.  
According to Cheng's symptoms, Dr. Lee suggested him trying the TCM treatment like diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill, and recommended him the additional prescriptions for treating his frequent urination and itching. He took the herbal pill after meals, and took the sitz bath with the additional prescriptions. After one month later, he felt great changes, his symptoms like urgency and itch are relieved; and his diseases are basically cured after 3 courses treatment. In order to consolidate the effect, he took another treatment course. Several days ago, he told Dr. Lee that he felt really good now; his diseases did not recur anymore.  
All in all, Diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill cannot only take the treatment according to the nonbacterial prostatitis symptoms, but also cure the disease form the roots. Thus, the effect is obvious. And it is a national patented medicine, patients can take it trustworthy.
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