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7 fruits and vegetables prostatitis patients should eat in daily life
Prostatitis is a common-occurred male disease. When suffering from this disease, patients have the symptoms like frequency, urgency and odynuria. According to the Health report, 7 fruits and vegetables are very beneficial to patients, and they should eat frequently in the daily life. 
1.Tomato: tomato is not only rich in vitamin C, but also contains lycopene which can dredge glands. So it can play a role in the prevention of prostate diseases like prostatitis. 
2.Spinach: spinach is rich in folic acid and iron, which can promote the synthesis of red blood cells. For this reason, it can speed up the circulation of the blood, fundamentally improve the quality life of men and help treat prostatitis. 
3.Melon: melon plays a role in seepage and dampness in TCM; it contains much vitamin C and potassium. Prostatitis, kidney disease and edema patients can eat more, as it has good effects on promoting Qi and eliminating swelling. 
4.Bitter gourd: bitter gourd is rich in vitamin C; it has the functions of clearing away heat and bacteria, promoting Qi and tonifying Yang and so on. It has some effects on treating prostatitis.
5.Watermelon: watermelon taste sweet, clear away heat and quench thirst; it works well on diuresis. Besides, it doesn’t contain fat and cholesterol, but contains a variety of nutrients for the human body. 
6.Grapes: grapes have the functions of enriching Qi and blood, spleening appetizer, diuresis and swelling and so on. So it can relive the symptoms of swelling for prostatitis patients. 
In the view of TCM, prostatitis belongs to the stranguria, synthesis of heat and Qi stranguria. So patients can take the food mentioned above to relieve the symptoms. However, these foods can only release the symptoms, it can’t cure prostatitis thoroughly. 
To radically cure prostatitis, patients can take the herbal medicine diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill. It is made from over 50 kinds of herbs, which can’t bring side effects and drug resistance to the patient. It is worth trying. 

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