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Approach considerations about nonbacterial prostatitis
It is no doubt that nonbacterial prostatitis is a difficult disease to cure completely for most patients and it may cause long-term pain and urinary symptoms. As we can see, it involves the prostate gland or other parts of a man's lower urinary tract or genital area. For most prostatitis, the bacterial will be one of the causes; however, nonbacterial prostatitis seems to be a special disease as the condition is not causes by an infection with bacteria. Thus approach considerations about this disease will be paid more attention on it.
Those approach considerations about nonbacterial prostatitis are from the research, which is made to find the real causes about prostatitis even if the research into the cause in still at the early stage, however, the new discoveries of the research will bring more effective treatment methods for human beings.
Generally speaking, urinalysis will be the first step to check the root of the disease, however, if your doctor cannot still evaluate your disease, a rectal examination or prostate secretions is necessary to be performed, and if necessary, a urine culture may sent for analysis to define.
Once diagnosed, the patients will take related antibiotics medicines, and if symptoms have resolved after several days, you'd better stop taking those because of the drug resistance. If not, the other treatments like the herbal medicine diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill or alpha-blockers will be the alternative ones.
In addition, the symptoms are reviewed again among a period of time, for patients with continued inflammation and symptoms, the causes like reflux of urine into the prostate will be considered, therefore, your doctor may advise an uroflow examination or retrograde urethrogram to define it.
If the finding is successful, pelvic floor tension and a trial of diazepam will be increased. If not, a physical medicine or transurethral microwave thermotherapy can be regarded as the effective way to relieve symptoms. According to the related recent studies: a self-treatment wand can reach the pelvic trigger points for the purpose of relieving pelvic floor muscle pain, however, the effect will be better if the patient take other conservative treatment like taking diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill(with no side effect) into consideration.
In words, the symptoms are different from different patients, and what I want to stress is that approach considerations about nonbacterial prostatitis can be different, especially in treatment. Therefore, patients may as well take treatment which is suitable for your symptoms. 
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