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Don't exaggerate the consequent of prostatitis to threaten yourself
According to some news, a large number of prostatitis patients were overwhelmed by the pressure caused by prostatitis. They were told that the prostatitis is a dangerous condition and severe consequences can be caused if it cannot be cured in time. In fact, prostatitis is controllable and treatable.  
If you google the prostatitis, thousands of articles about how horrible the prostatitis is will show on screen. A widely spread article with the idea that the cure rate of prostatitis is low and numerous consequences, such as infertility and prostate cancer, can be resulted in, if people leave it uncured. Therefore, there is no doubt why so many men take the prostatitis as a life threat disease. 
In fact, prostatitis isn’t such a dangerous condition. Only 30% pressure that men experienced is caused by the disease itself. The rest of the pressure is commonly caused by mental factors. Based on the data released by world health organization (WHO), the major problem that prostatitis victims have to face to is excessive worries.
Just like a cold, prostatitis is such a common disease that can be contracted by 35% -50% men, some researchers report. What’s more, the consequences of prostatitis are mild. As is known to all, the prostate gland is an accessorial sexual gland. The symptoms of prostatitis commonly are frequent urination, urgent urination, painful urination and difficult in urination and so on. Prostatitis can be classified into acute bacterial, chronic nonbacterial and chronic bacterial three types. However, 90% prostatitis can be controlled and cured. Moreover, the damage caused by prostatitis isn’t as serious as propagandized. 
Therefore, as long as prostatitis victims can accept timely and proper treatment, uprooting this condition is so easy. However, how to choose a proper treatment is the key. Antibiotic like Cipro is more suitable for acute bacterial type, surgery is for sever type that cannot be cured by medication. Herbal medicines like Diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill is more suitable for chronic type. 
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