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How does the prostate congestion result in prostatitis?
Undoubtedly, the prostatitis is one of the top diseases in men and the prostatitis can be caused by lots of reasons. But can the prostate congestion be a reason of prostatitis? If it can, how does it bring the prostatitis to men? 
In fact, the prostate congestion can bring the prostatitis to men. Prostate congestion is a phenomenon that the prostate is blocked with blood or mucus. Due to the specifics of this phenomenon, prostatitis can be resulted in easily. Now, Let’s find out the reasons one by one.
First of all, once there is congestion in the prostate gland, it means that the prostate gland is weak and easily be attacked by toxic materials. The congested gland commonly when there is sluggish blood circulation or injures.
Secondly, if one is unlucky and be attracted by bacteria, he is in danger, because the congested environment is an agreeable situation for bacteria to grow. The congested environment provides all the necessaries that bacteria need, like oxygen, proper temperature, and nutrition and so on. 
Thirdly, the congested situation in prostate also means a poor blood circulation of this gland, so when there is infection, the sluggish blood circulation cannot bring the infection out of this gland, avoiding the outbreak. Therefore, the defensive system of prostate is destroyed by the congested situation. And this is the reason why this phenomenon can bring the prostatitis to men.
However, the treatment of this type prostatitis is easy. There only are two steps. First of all, men should solve the congested prostate. Since the congested prostate commonly is caused by excessive masturbation, irregular lifestyle, long-term pressure on perineum, bad genital hygiene and eating too much irritating foods, they should avoid all these aspects that mentioned above. Then, men should accept treatment, which can be antibiotic therapy, surgery or herbal therapy. Since each therapy has different advantages, men should choose one based on his condition. Antibiotic like Cipro is more suitable for acute prostatitis, surgery is suitable for severe prostatitis and herbal medicine like Diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill is suitable for chronic type.
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