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No prostatitis happens without reasons
Prostatitis is a condition that can affect men’s life quality, sex and reproductive ability. Everyone takes the prostatitis as a demon or an evil just like a trouble around you without any reasons. It is commonly to hear that I have no infection and live a regular life, why I have the prostatitis? However, just like no pain and no gain, nothing happens without reasons, so does the prostatitis.
People usually take the view that bacterial infection as the major reason of prostatitis. In addition to the bacterial type, prostatitis can also be classified into nonbacterial type. Therefore, different reasons lead to different types of prostatitis.
Infection in other reproductive organs
As is known, infections in reproductive organs, especially when the infection is gonococcus, this bacterium can enter prostate along with the ejaculatory duct and lead to prostatitis.
Inflammatory urine
A healthy man may have no infection in his reproductive organs, but he must have inflammatory urine, which is the second reason of prostatitis. If one has inflammatory urine and like to hold urine, the urine can return back to prostatitis, so inflammatory urine can also bring prostatitis to men. Men with UTI or cystitis are easily to contract prostatitis.  
Rectum bacterial infections
The stool contains lots of bacteria. If man do not pay attention to genital hygiene, such as do no change underwear every day, the bacteria on underwear can stick on penis and then invade the urinary tract because of rubbing.
Long-term sitting
Driver who needs to sit all day long are under high risk of prostatitis, because long time sitting can slow down the blood circulation of prostate and making congestion to this gland, which brings an agreeable situation for bacteria to growth.
Although there also are some other reason of prostatitis, the above mentioned four are on the top. Therefore, no prostatitis happens without reasons. However, knowing the reason of prostatitis isn’t the final, how to cure the prostatitis is the aim. Pain killer, antibiotics like Cripo, herbal medicine like Diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill are treatment of prostatitis. But each treatment has its advantages and disadvantages. Prostatitis men need to choose the right treatment based on their conditions. 

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