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Some foods can worsen prostatitis symptoms
Food, a material or substance that people or animals eat or drink or plants absorb in order to maintain life and growth, is the most familiar concept for us. Food not only can feed us, but also has other functions. In China, there is old say about food – right usage of food can prevent or cure diseases like medicines. However, the incorrect usage of food can also bring disease or worsen the symptoms for people.
Take the prostatitis for example, this condition brings symptoms like pain or burning sensation when urination, frequent urination, pain and discomfort to the penis and testicles, which makes man painful. If man can pay attention to the diet and avoid intake of some foods, they can get a huge relief.
Red and Processed Meat
Red and processed meat is bad for prostatitis. The risk of developing prostate cancer rises obviously if men eat a lot of red and processed meat. Studies show that men who eat red meat most were 12 percent more likely to develop prostate cancer and 33 percent more likely to have advanced cancer than those who eat the least amount of red meat.
Calcium and Dairy Foods
We also know that Dairy foods are the most common source of calcium, and calcium and dairy foods provide us lots of calcium. However, this two can also bring bad effect to prostatitis symptoms. One, there is evidence that high intake of calcium, mostly through supplements and dairy foods, has been linked with a greater risk of prostate cancer, especially aggressive cancer. Two, many dairy foods are high in fat and cholesterol, and may also contain hormones, all of which can have a negative impact on prostate health.
Wine and cigarette
Wine and cigarette also are two things that prostate man should avoid. The two things can irritate the prostate bringing congestion to it. Two much blood in this organ provides an agreeable situation for bacteria to growth. Therefore, wine and cigarette can worsen the symptoms of prostatitis.
The three tips I mentioned above are the most important things that prostatitis should keep in mind. Of course there also are some other things that prostatitis should do like avoid seafood so on. The better the diet those prostatitis victims can keep, the quicker that prostatitis man can get a relief from it.

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