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What men can get from the long last sex?
 “Sex is a necessity in sexual live. However, misunderstandings like the longer the sex last, the better the sex they can have are accepted by lots of people,” according to some urologist. Actually, the truth is, diseases can be triggered, such as prostatitis, if sexual organs work frequently under a congested situation. Therefore, let’s figure out what kind of damages prostate can get from the long last sex?
Work and normal life can be affected
During sexual intercourse, the sexual organs in men and women are in highly congested stage. Other organs are also engaged in such special process from the beginning to the organism. Their muscles are harder and the heart beats faster. Therefore, the consuming becomes faster and the metabolism gets stronger. Therefore, fatigue occurs after too much energy consuming, if the sex lasts too long. Finally, the work and normal life can be affected.
As I mentioned before, during the sexual intercourse, the sexual organs in men and women are in a highly congested stage. If the sex lasts for long, the organs will stay in highly congested stage which is an agreeable situation for bacteria to reproduce for a long time too. Therefore, diseases like prostatitis can be induced. Since the specific structure of urinary tract, women are easily affecting UTI than men, while men are more likely to affect the prostatitis.
Preventions and treatment
Sex is an important factor between couples. Healthy and harmonious sex not only can maintain the health of organs, but also can make their marriage stronger. A regular sex or proper masturbation can release the prostatic fluid, relieve the full sense from prostate and renew the prostatic fluid. Therefore, regular sex is helpful for prostate and its recovery.
However, there are some whose prostatitis is too severe to heal by itself. Therefore, in this situation, taking herbal medicine would be a better choice. Herbal medicine named Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill cure can ease the congestion for men and clear the infection in prostate gland. What’s more, this herbal medicine can also improve the immunity and the self-healing ability. Therefore, prostatitis can be healed by this herbal medicine within about three months. 

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