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Judging out prostatitis via urinary analysis
"Urine can generate electricity." This word can make many people surprised I can imagine, in current advanced society, the progress of the technology has the ability of becoming impossible things into possible ones; however, the idea "Urine can generate electricity" is the first to be into my brain. It is reported that British scientists have recently invented the first phone depending on urinary generating electricity, it can be called as the final exhibition of waste utilization, what is more surprised, the users can charge the phone through their own urines in the future. Reading this, then a doubt is also coming-whether the urine has the bacteria or not, and what is the difference on the urine between the healthy person and the unhealthy one?
Well, Specialists indicate that urine is not only a normal ‎physiological metabolite for human being but also a healthy standard on the physical condition. The total volume of urine for every day, the cause of frequent urination and the changes of urinary color can show out some reaction to the body, this contains lots of knowledge. Such as: prostatitis which is troubling mostly to male friends, infertility and other diseases are all related with the urine.
Is it possible to have the bacteria in the urine?
With the problem, let's know about the ingredients in the urine, they are mainly water, protein power, glucose, Urea, ‎Uric acid and Inorganic salts. Strictly Speaking, a healthy person does not have the bacteria in his urine which cannot be discharged out, however, after discharging; it is possible to be with few bacteria which will not cause the disease. 
Judging a disease from some conditions of urine
It is mentioned that a healthy person does not usually have the bacteria in his/her urine, however, if a person is unhealthy, this is different. This is the reason why the testig of diseases need to the urinary routine examination. Relevant specialists also express that we can judge the healthy condition from the amount of the urine, urinary smell, urinary frequency, urinary color, etc.
Urinary frequency, urinary urgency and endless urination are the most common symptoms related with Urinary diseases, if patients have only the single symptom, it is fine, but if the three symptoms appear simultaneously, it is almost sure to be infected with Urethritis. Therefore, when patients have the symptoms, noticing them is necessary, especially for various symptoms appearing concurrently, having the great possibility of getting prostatitis, then patients should treat promptly in the hospital. Reading this, a problem produces-why urinating will become a signal of prostatitis? The professional specialist named Doc.Lixiaoping in the field of reproductive & urinary systems explains that the prostate gland will secrete 2ml prostate fluid every day, they are the main composition of semen, and prostaglandin can be secreted out, the prostate gland is the upper cavity of the urinary tract, if the prostate gland has problems, then urinating is affected firstly.
Therefore, in here, it is noticed if patients have any problems on Urinary system, seeing a doctor is the best and curing it promptly. If left untreated, it may cause more serious diseases. "Diuretic Anti-inflammatory Pill" developed by Doc.Lee has a miracle effect on curing diseases of male and female Urinary System, and this medicine is made out of many natural herbs without any bad effects, belonging to a whole treatment for the body, thus it can take a better effect on curing all inflammations of the system, and it is safe for patients to take the medicine.
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