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Young Trend of being infected with Prostatitis-Take care the four bad habits of living
We can watch out in the Andrology &Urology clinic that prostatitis is not only troubling the elder people, many patients who are in 80s even 90s are entering into the groups of Prostatitis, The young trend of getting prostatitis is coming. Seeking for the causes , on one hand, it should be caused by the rapid pace of life, on the other hand, it contributes to young people’s bad habits of living. Talking about this, about the topic of the young trend of being infected with Prostatitis, it is necessary to care about the four bad habits of living.
Spicy and irritating foods can aggravate the congestion of the prostate
Now, lots of young people like spicy and irritating foods, however, they can be called as the natural enemy of prostatitis. chili pepper, Raw garlic, Green onions can not only be stimulative on the prostate but also induce the congestion of prostate Vascular, making the ability of resistance be declined, resulting into the difficulty in urination, and it can also induce the appearance of chronic nonbacterial prostatitis, this becomes a cause of young trend for getting prostratitis.
Poor habit of sexual life can lead to prostatitis
A poor habit of sexual life can take a great effect on the health of the prostate. Now, we are in the age of internet, young people can be more convenient to obtain all kinds of information, some people are contacting with the sexual webpage, they are very easy to  sexual arousal, this can cause the congestion of the prostate, owing to obtain proper release, as the times goes, this situation can be very easy to result in prostatitis. In addition, too much sexual life or abstinence for a long time, all of them can be infected with prostatitis.
Sitting too much or holding the urine for a long time can brining into the Prostatitis
As the rapid pace of modern life, busy work and prolonged meeting make lots of male friends be troubled with prostatitis. The important factor of these modern lives leading to prostatitis is sitting too much or holding the urine for a long time.
Cigarettes and alcoholic drinking can stimulate and aggravate the symptoms of prostatitis.
  Patients with prostatitis should avoid of the stimulation from the cigarettes and alcoholic drinking, because of the stimulation, it can make Prostate Vascular be enlarged and congested quickly, then at this time, the prostate will invade the space of the urinary tract, and the nerves nearby the prostate will be also compressed. Therefore, Smoking and Drinking wine can lead to the aggravation of the symptoms, meanwhile, owing to this, it is also possible for a healthy person to be infected with prostatitis 
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