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How Could Bad Habits Reduce Prostate Resistance?
Prostatitis is a natural enemy of men's reproductive health, which has a great impact on life and work. Therefore, men should pay attention to the habits in daily life in order to prevent the occurrence of prostatitis. Here are six bad habits that can lead to the reduction of prostate resistance. Inflammation is prone to occur when body resistance declines.
1. Sedentariness
Prostate cannot bear body weight. When a man sits upright, the center of gravity of his body naturally falls into the position of the prostate. After sitting for a long time, the fragile prostate bears too much pressure, which will lead to bloodstream obstruction.

2. Busy "Flying Men" often reverse jet lag
A Japanese survey lasting more than ten years shows that men who regularly change their sleeping time are 3.5 times more likely to suffer from prostate cancer than men who take sleep at regular time. This is because every change in sleeping time is an intrusion on the biological clock.
3. Love for red meat
The blood supply of the prostate is particularly abundant, with four blood vessels supplying nutrients for it. But only one blood vessel carries its metabolic waste away, and blood stickiness caused by a high-fat diet increases the difficulty of such transportation.

4. Full switching of office air conditioning
Prostate has a preference for warmth and repeller for cold. If you spend too much time in a cool environment, it will slow down the local blood circulation on the prostate, and immunity declines, it then generates possibility for inflammation. Moreover, hypothermia can also inhibit the excretion functions of prostate fluids, resulting in glandular duct occlusion.
5. Spicy food
Spicy food is not the direct cause of prostate disease, but alcohol, pepper and other foods can stimulate the prostate and urethra, bring about temporary perineal discomfort as well as vasodilation. It is to trigger the congestion and edema on the prostate and bladder, resulting in decreased prostate resistance.
6. Excessive smoking
According to the survey, the prevalence of prostate diseases among smokers is 1-2 times higher than that of non-smokers. Tobacco contains more than 1200 kinds of compounds, most of which are harmful to prostate, and the more you smoke, the more danger your prostate will face up to.

You may have no symptoms of prostatitis at first and then all of a sudden there is a severe outbreak of it, so that you have to seek emergent medical care for it. 
When present, symptoms include: frequent urge to urinate, difficulty in urinating, pain or burning sensation during urination, chills and fever, and the prostate may swell, causing a less forceful urine stream. Sometimes blood in the urine and painful ejaculation are other symptoms of prostatitis.
Treatments can include:
1. Anti-inflammatory medicines along with warm sitz baths (sitting in 2 to 3 inches of warm water). This is the most conservative treatment for chronic prostatitis.
2. Antibiotic medicine for infectious prostatitis. 
These drugs are not effective treatments for noninfectious prostatitis. For acute infectious prostatitis, patients usually need to take antibiotic medicine for 14 days. Almost all acute infections can be relieved with this treatment.

But since chemical tablets especially antibiotics produce severe side effects and drug resistance, it is put forward by more and more patients that they want natural therapy. Among these natural measures, TCM formula Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill wins widespread high praise from all walks of life. It is a proprietary blend for male genitourinary diseases, and has been awarded with a national patent
Note: Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is mainly composed of psyllium seed, fringed pink, polygonum aviculare, peach kernel, safflower, red peony, houttuynia, and vaccaria, etc. The main functions include clearing heat and detoxification, promoting blood circulation, relieving pain, anti-inflammation and detumescence, there is no drug resistance or side effect. Along with proper dietary program, the patients can recover with enhanced immunity and self-healing ability.
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