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Eight Things that Prostate Will Benefit from
Comparing with women's breasts, the prostate is men's vulnerable area for disease. For men, prostatitis has become as common as chronic pharyngitis and tonsillitis. 
However, according to a new British survey, only one third of men understand the function of the prostate and they do not know how to prevent from prostatitis, prostatic hyperplasia and so on. According to statistics, more than 50% of men will be troubled by prostatitis at least once in their lives. 
Experts warn that once men are often troubled by urinary frequency, urinary urgency and painful urination, so they must be vigilant against further damage to the prostate caused by bad living habits.

For men with prostate diseases, treatment is particularly crucial. Then how to prevent from prostate diseases in our daily life? There are eight things you need to know.
1. Drink more water. Urine of high concentration will stimulate the prostate, and long-term stimulation will do damage to the prostate, so drinking more water can dilute blood and alleviate the concentration of urine.
2. Don’t hold your urine. Whether male or female, the injury caused by holding urine for long-term is huge, and is harmful to bladder and prostate gland, which is prone to urinary tract infection. Especially for office workers, when they are busy all day, they often neglect urination and are used to holding urine, which is not good for their health.
3. Relax more. Clinically, it is found that pressure may increase the risk of developing enlarged prostate. When Pressure eases, the symptoms of prostate disease will be relieved. Therefore, we should try to avoid excessive pressure and keep relaxed.

4. Take a warm bath. Warm water can relieve your muscle and prostate tension, and also relieve discomfort. Frequent warm baths is undoubtedly very beneficial to patients with prostate disease.
5. Keep clean. Men's scrotum is large in flexibility with more sweat secretion, in addition, the ventilation of the private parts is poor, which makes it easy for dirt to hide. Local bacteria often take advantage of the weak point, which will induce prostatitis, and even affect the physiological function. Therefore, keeping the private part clean is a key in the prevention of prostatitis.
6. Avoid exposure to dampness and coldness. Don't sit in the cold place for too long. Coldness can increase sympathetic nerve excitability, lead to increased urethral pressure and lead to difficulty during urination. Dysuria will have a negative impact on the prostate,  and malignant circulation can cause prostate lesions.
7. Sit less and exercise more. Because  prostate is in the special position of the human body, which determines that men are sitting on the prostate to a large extent. The heavy burden on the prostate of men who often sit for a long time is one of the reasons for the high incidence of prostate diseases.

Patients with Prostate diseases must do a good job in prevention and treatment, it is advised that you should go to the regular hospital first, so as to ensure your own safety. 
In diet, men should pay attention to eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, less spicy food, less high fat diet, and quit smoking and alcohol. For medicinal diet health care, besides the routine herbal cuisine, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is also recommended. 
Its ingredients are very natural with side effects, and it will not cause drug resistance and can be taken for daily health care. What’s more, participation in physical exercise is also a good idea to enhance physical fitness and promote blood circulation of the perineal.
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