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Four Ways to Quickly Alleviate Male Spermatorrhea
Male ejaculation refers to the phenomenon of ejaculation during sleep, which is a common phenomenon for males after adolescence. If it is not frequent ejaculation, it will not generally cause any harm to the body. However, if spermatorrhea occurs frequently, it may be related to the following factors, some of which lead to frequent spermatorrhea in men and need to be treated with drugs.
(1) Physiological factors: Men's spermatorrhea caused by physiological factors is what happens to any male after adolescence. At this time, due to male sexual maturity, there is normal sexual needs in physiology, therefore, psychological naturally full of sexual expectations, resulting in spermatorrhea.

(2) Psychological factors and environmental impact: If some men worship sex too much, or indulge in yellow books and movies, so that the cerebral cortex continues to exist sexual excitement, it will induce sperm ejaculation.

(3) Excessive fatigue: excessive physical or mental work. Brain fatigue reduces the inhibitory effect of high-level centers on ejaculation centers. A small stimulus can make the ejaculation centers reach the critical point of ejaculation and ejaculate.

(4) Inflammatory stimulation: Some external genitalia and accessory gonadal inflammation, such as prostatitis, seminal vesicle inflammation, epididymitis, etc., inflammation will make sexual organs over-sensitive to sexual stimulation, slight external stimulation can cause excessive excitation and spermatorrhea. This factor causes frequent spermatorrhea in men, which of course requires medication.

(5) Other factors: warm and heavy bedding, stimulation and oppression of the external genitals, or wearing tight clothes and pants, restraint and squeeze the erect penis, and induce sperm ejaculation.

There are four ways to quickly relieve spermatozoa. Every night before going to bed, wash the scrotum with cold water for about 2 minutes, which can alleviate the frequent spermatorrhea. If you want to alleviate frequent spermatorrhea, you can also use massage, and massage only needs to massage the pubic region for about 10 minutes before bedtime every day. The position of the pubic region is between the scrotum and the anus.

When massaging, you can rub your hands first, then massage gently. When massaging, you just need to massage the perineum to have a sense of heat. Lifting anal movement is also a way to alleviate frequent spermatorrhea, and anal movement method is very simple, that is, pretending to suffocate stool, but when suffocating, you can breathe in first, when relaxing, so that repeated 20 times can also play a role.
For the treatment of spermatorrhea, if it is caused by prostatitis, seminal vesicle inflammation, urethritis and other diseases, spermatorrhea can be treated with Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, and it has its unique efficacy in treating these diseases. This natural formula can also treat reproductive inflammation caused by male infertility, open the fertility channel for men.

To prevent and treat spermatorrhea, we need to:

1. pay attention to hygiene. Personal hygiene should be done well to avoid bacterial infection.

2. Exercise more. Maintain a healthy body, enhance physical fitness, strengthen resistance.

3. Avoid masturbation. Frequent masturbation may lead to infertility, which is a very bad habit, we must give up.

4. Don't over-do housework. Pay attention to communicating with your sexual partner.
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