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Why Does Penis Hurt?
Men's penile pain during sexual intercourse is caused by many reasons. Sometimes pain occurs occasionally, but it can also be persistent. In any case, great attention should be paid to penile pain, which not only affects your sexual lives but may also be a precursor of disease. So in order to find out the cause of pain, patients should go to the hospital as early as possible for treatment when there are some symptoms.
Why would men have penile pain when they have sex?

1. Insufficient lubrication
When having sex, if the vagina of a woman is not fully lubricated, and the man forcibly inserts the vagina. At this time, the penis is prone to friction pain, and even cause foreskin laceration, and women will feel uncomfortable. In addition, when sexual intercourse occurs, pain may also occur due to women's tight vagina, insufficient sexual experience, or the intensity of sex is too strong.
2. Pain during erection
It is mainly caused by the shortage of prepuce or narrowing of the prepuce when there is redundant prepuce. The frenulum of the prepuce is the skin connecting the glans and the urethra below the glans. When the penis is erectile, if the foreskin is too short, the glans will be pulled, resulting in penile curvature and excessive pain. 
If there is a redundant prepuce, the penis or glans will be compressed when the penis erects. If not repositioned in time, severe prepuce edema or even excessive prepuce will occur.

3. Inflammatory Infection
Typically, pain does not occur in the penis. When pain occurs, it is thought to be caused by inflammation of the penile cavernous body or infection of the foreskin or glans.
4. Frequent Sex
Penile pain after intercourse may be connected with frequent sexual activity and intense sexual intercourse. In addition, the symptoms of prostate hyperemia are not ruled out, if accompanied by urination discomfort, great attention should be paid attention to.
5. Prostatitis
Prostatitis often causes penile pain. It may be caused by infection or irritation of the penis. If men are infected, they need timely treatment. Patients can take Chinese herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, and it has the effect of activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis, sterilization and diminishing inflammation, it can alleviate the pain and discomfort of patients, but also can fundamentally cure prostatitis. In addition, you can rest enough to relieve symptoms.

6. Connective tissue proliferative diseases
This occurs between the two layers of the penile cavernous fascia. It is more common in middle-aged men and can be touched by one or more ropes on the back or root of the penis. It is an elliptical hardening, the size of it is as big as mung beans or peanuts. There is no discomfort in the penis at ordinary times, but local pain occasionally occurs when erecting.
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