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Heat Therapy for Chronic Prostatitis May Affect Fertility

In all kinds of prostate diseases, prostatitis accounts for more than 60%; 50% of men will be affected by prostatitis at some time in their lives. Currently, some hospitals strongly recommend heat therapy for prostatitis, but it is not suitable for all patients.
According to the introduction, the principle of heat therapy is to increase the blood circulation of prostate tissue and accelerate metabolism by using the thermal effect produced by various physical means, which is conducive to the elimination of inflammation, tissue edema, and pelvic floor muscle spasm.

The common methods of prostatitis thermotherapy include transurethral, transrectal and perineal thermotherapy with microwave, radiofrequency, laser and other physical means.
A local hot compress can accelerate local blood circulation, which can improve the discomfort of the prostate caused by inflammation stimulation. At the same time, it can reduce the clinical symptoms of frequent urination, urgent urination, the pain of urination and incomplete urination.
But the hot compress of the prostate can only relieve the symptoms when the hot compress is finished, and the symptoms will reappear after the hot compress is finished, so the hot compress can only relieve the symptoms temporarily, but can not be a cure for prostatitis.
In addition, heat therapy are also easy to cause thermal tissue reaction, leading to tissue fibrosis, aggravating the condition.

First of all, it is easy to cause the elasticity of the prostate to become poor, the systolic and diastolic ability to decline, and then affect the normal urination and ejaculation function of men; second, it is easy to cause the internal nerve necrosis of the prostate, and affect the erectile function and pleasure; third, it is easy to cause the density of the prostate to increase, causing or aggravating prostatitis and other prostate-related diseases.
At present, it is believed that heat therapy can alleviate the symptoms of prostatitis in a short time, but there is no long-term follow-up data. The so-called heat therapy, such as microwave, laser, and radiofrequency, are not recommended for unmarried men and men with fertility requirements.
Some infertility specialists pointed out that prostatic fluid is an important part of men's semen, and the use of heat therapy will lead to the phenomenon of non-liquefaction of semen, thus affecting fertility.
If the temperature is too high, that is to say, when it exceeds or reaches the normal temperature of human body, it will make the scrotum in a warm state, increase the temperature of the scrotum, thus affecting the warming effect of the scrotum, causing the temperature of the testicle to rise, preventing the spermatogenesis, and causing spermatogenesis, which will bring adverse consequences to reproductive health.

Besides, a sitz bath is also not recommended for men with fertility requirements, the water temperature should be two to three degrees lower than the temperature. The time of each sitz bath is controlled at about 15 minutes.
A warm sitz bath can relax the local prostate muscles, dilate blood vessels and accelerate blood circulation, so as to promote the absorption and dissipation of inflammation, so as to achieve the purpose of relieving clinical symptoms. But there is no guarantee of a cure for prostatitis.
According to the symptoms of prostatitis, such as frequent urination, urgency of urination, pain of urination, discomfort of urination, pain of upper pubic area and perineum, and based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine and more than 30 years of experience in medical practice, Dr. Lee Xiaoping in Wuhan invented the patent herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill which can effectively treat the disease on the basis of ancient prescriptions.

This natural medicine is made of more than 50 kinds of natural herbs through strict compatibility. It has the functions of clearing away heat and toxin, promoting blood circulation, promoting Qi to relieve pain, a diuretic to relieve stranguria, and its curative effect has been fully proved in clinical practice for more than 20 years, so patients can take it as a great choice for prostatitis.

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