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Eating Apples Every Day Can Prevent Prostatitis
There is a saying goes like, "eat an apple a day, keep the doctor away." That is to say, eating apple can achieve an positive effect on preventing diseases, is that true?
Health experts point out, eating apples is surely good for human health, especially for men. Male friends who eat apples every day actually can achieve the effect on preventing prostate diseases like prostatitis.
In recent years, doctors have found in clinical practice that eating more apples can play an effective role in body conditioning, which can reduce the symptoms of chronic prostatitis and reduce the recurrence rate. This is mainly because apples contain high levels of zinc, which is an important disease-fighting element in the prostate gland and can improve the function of anti-inflammatory cells.
In the prostatic fluid of patients with chronic prostatitis, the zinc content is significantly lower than that of normal people, which is also very difficult to increase in the course of treatment due to many factors. Commonly, only when the prostatitis is cured to large extent, the zinc content can be restored to normal.
In the past, doctors preferred to give patients drugs containing zinc, but this kind of treatment was not suitable for long-term use due to the drug resistance and the dosage of the drugs was not easy to determine. By eating apples to supplement zinc, it not only does not give rise to any side effects or drug resistance, but also is conducive to the human body absorption and utilization, which is better than the effect of medicine in many cases. After being used in clinical practice, it is welcomed by most patients and has become a famous "apple therapy".
For patients with chronic prostatitis, eating 2 to 3 apples every day can help them obtain more sufficient zinc, to achieve the goal of treating and preventing prostatitis. They can also drink apple juice or add applesauce to their breakfast.
Other recommended foods for patients:
1. Bitter gourd
It is rich in vitamin C, and can clear away heat and toxins, reduce dampness, relieve fatigue, clear mind and eyes, benefit qi and invigorate yang. It can be used to improve prostatitis, urinary tract infection and so on.
2. Soybean
Soybean contains plant-based hormones, which is not only good for women, but also an excellent food for men. It is reported that the Japanese men that often eat soybean are less likely to suffer from prostatitis than other countries' men.
3. Kiwi fruit
It has the effect of clearing away heat and producing essence.  Drinking water with fresh kiwi fruit can cure urinary pain caused by prostatitis.
Finally, for patients with chronic prostatitis, taking the appropriate medicine is the key to treatment. Therefore, it is recommended that they take the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to improve urinary problems, eliminate inflammation and relieve urinary pain. It can also improve the male immunity, allowing them to effectively prevent the recurrence of the disease.
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