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Daily Lesson: What Fruits Should Patients With Prostatitis Eat?
Eating more apples with high zinc content is a good way to treat prostatitis, which is called "apple therapy". Zinc is a very important trace element in prostatic fluid. The amount of zinc in the blood and prostatic fluid is related to the ability of the prostate gland to kill bacteria.
When the content of zinc in the prostate gland is high, it has strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ability. When suffering from chronic prostatitis, the zinc content will be reduced significantly, according to the doctor.

Apple can effectively improve of zinc deficiency in patients with chronic prostatitis. In general, zinc content in male patients are much lower than normal, while by eating apples to achieve the effect of zinc supplementation, it won't lead to any side effects.
Commonly, you can treat prostatitis by adding fruits to three meals a day.
1. At breakfast, drink a cup of tomato juice.
2. For lunch, eat a bowl of salad or boiled vegetables with carrots, cabbage or green cauliflower.
3. For dinner, eat an extra serving of beans, or switch to whole-grain brown rice.
Doctors point out that tomatoes and carrots contain a lot of beta carotene, and these carotene can effectively help the body to effectively reduce the chance of suffering from prostatitis. Therefore, tomatoes, no matter for the treatment of prostatitis or prostatitis prevention, have a certain auxiliary effect.
What's more, you can also take the kiwi fruit at ordinary times, which features the ability to clear away heat and toxins. If the fresh kiwi mash is added into an appropriate amount of warm water, stir evenly before taking, it can effectively relieve the urinary pain caused by prostatitis. It is a good option for patients with chronic prostatitis.
Food prohibition for patients with prostatitis can not be ignored.
In the first instance, patients with prostatitis are not suggested to drink alcohol and smoke. You may not know that smoking also increases prostate congestion, which exacerbates the symptoms of acute and chronic prostatitis. While drinking alcohol can be able to expand viscera blood-vessel, increase the perfusion quantity of blood, which also can make the congestion of prostate gland accentuate, bringing about the prostatitis recurrence.
Additionally, patients with prostatitis can not eat spicy food like green onion, raw garlic, pepper, and other stimulating food. Although these things can increase the taste of dishes, it can also cause dilation of blood vessels and congestion of organs. For patients with prostatitis, these foods should not be eaten in daily life, otherwise it will lead to prolonged prostatitis, making it more troublesome.
What to eat and what to avid should be kept in mind, while it is more important that you should get treated in time if have prostatitis or related problems. The herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a good option, especially for those with chronic prostatitis. It can effectively improve the body immunity and urinary conditions without leading to any side effects. After taking the pill for several months, patients with chronic prostatitis can get cured in full.
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