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You Must Find Out The Radical Cause Before Treating Chronic Prostatitis
In clinical practice, the prevalence rate of chronic prostatitis in males is increasing year by year.
According to the statistics of relevant departments, the prevalence rate of chronic prostatitis of adults over 25 years old has reached 35 to 40%, which has become a common disease that affects male health seriously and occurs frequently.
There are still many misunderstandings in the treatment of chronic prostatitis, and the poor curative effect is always troubling the majority of male patients.

treatment of chronic prostatitis
A definite diagnosis must be made before treatment, which means you must find out the radical cause before treating chronic prostatitis.
The symptoms of chronic prostatitis mainly include frequent urination, urgent urination, urinary pain, pain radiating to the perineum, around the anus, the lower abdomen and the symphysis pubis.
Most patients show signs of sexual dysfunction like impotence, premature ejaculation, painful ejaculation, and male infertility.
There may be dizziness, tiredness, drowsiness, back pain and other general mental nervous system manifestations in patients with chronic prostatitis, and these manifestations are not specific, which means these symptoms can also occur in other urinary tract infections or genital infections. Some diseases with unknown causes may also have such symptoms.
If you do not know what the radical causes of the disease is, and still treat it as chronic prostatitis, the therapeutic effect may not be ideal as you expected.
Therefore, after having some symptoms mentioned before, you must go to the special hospital and make a clear diagnosis. As the old saying goes, if you know yourself and your enemy, you can win a hundred battles. Some people may be reluctant to spend money on tests like B ultrasound, while they tend to blindly choose self-medication, which is absolutely not advocated.
The chronic prostatitis is an awful enemy, while it is beatable. Anatomically, the prostate gland has a flexible capsule, which is divided into three layers. The outer layer is rich in veins and loose connective tissue, the middle layer is the fibrous sheath, and the inner layer is the muscular layer.
The protective effect of such a capsule on the prostate is perfect, but there is a big drawback, which is the veins are in the outer layer and little blood flows into the glands. If there is an inflammation in the prostate gland, oral medicine or injection medicine will be not easy to be absorbed into the prostate gland. Therefore, a single anti-inflammatory therapy is often inadequate.
So doctors have tried to overcome this barrier by injecting drugs directly into the prostate gland. This does improve the efficacy of some infections caused by pathogenic microorganisms, but in fact, many chronic prostatitis is "aseptic inflammation", that is, not due to pathogenic infection or not mainly due to pathogenic infection caused by inflammation. So the direct injection method is meaningless.

treatment of chronic prostatitis
What is more, this is a management of trauma, which can cause continuous infection or function damage, and glandular sclerosis individually. Accordingly, the comprehensive treatment method is needed.
On the one hand, the use of traditional Chinese medicine can fully mobilize the immune function of the body and enhance the anti-inflammatory instinct, which is the so-called "strengthening". For example, the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a good option for patients to improve blood circulation and body resistance. It works on the whole urogenital system with no side effects.
On the other hand, anti-bacterial treatment and anti-inflammatory treatment are carried out according to the cause of infection, which is called "eliminating pathogens". Additionally, the non-drug treatment is also needed, that is, patients should pay attention to healthy diet and daily habits. Through these methods, patients with chronic prostatitis can get cured effectively.

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