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Five Foods With Great Effect On People With Prostatitis
Getting sick is not a good thing, and for men, they don't want their problems to be in their urinary system. For male friends, prostatitis, influencing the male urogenital system, is a problem that makes them suffer a lot.
Fortunately, there are many ways to help patients with prostatitis, such as antibiotic therapy and traditional Chinese medicine. Among them, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a very good choice. It doesn't cause any drug resistance or side effects, and it can help patients solve painful symptoms and abnormal urination effectively.
However, not everyone wants to take a pill to solve their problems. Cautious people are more accustomed to check erroneous ideas at the outset. They like prevention rather than treatment.
So in daily life, what can you do to prevent prostatitis? Let's start with eating. There are five foods for your reference.

1. Poria cocos
Poria cocos is a common Chinese herbal medicine, which contains a lot of dietary fiber and trace elements. It also contains a lot of poria acid and histidine, which can strengthen the stomach and calm the nerves. Poria cocos also has the effect of prolonging life and beautifying appearance. It can help males maintain the prostate health, which is a good way for them to prevent prostatitis.
2. Stigma of corn
People like to eat corn, but they often throw stigma of corn away, which is actually very medicinal. Drinking water with stigma of corn soaked in can induce diuresis, reduce edema, and prevent the appearance of prostatitis effectively. It can also dredge the urethra, prevent hypertension, high uric acid, high blood fat and other diseases. It is a good way to prevent prostatitis and prostatic hypertrophy.
3. Spinach
Popeye like spinach very much, and for normal people, eating more spinach in daily life is also beneficial. Spinach contains trace element magnesium, which can convert excess carbohydrates into some of the nutrients the body needs. It also contains folic acid and iron, which promote the formation of red blood cells and speed up the body's own circulation, which can improve the prostate health of men.

4. Tomato
Tomatoes are very popular in our daily life. It contains a lot of vitamins and other nutrients. The acid inside the tomato is caused by citric acid and grape acid. If you eat tomatoes directly, they can supplement the vitamins for the body, reduce cholesterol in the body and prevent diabetes and prostatitis.
5. Honey
Honey is the essence of pollen, a nutrient that is extracted from the flowers of rape, wheat and other pollen. Men often eating honey can effectively protect the prostate, strengthen the self-healing function of the prostate, which can make the prostatitis gradually improved. At the same time, honey is a good anti-aging thing, which can enhance the vitality of the prostate.
Surely, there are also other foods to prevent prostatitis, such as the more popular apple. Male friends can choose their favorite prevention package according to their own taste. At the same time, men need to avoid spicy food, smoking and alcohol to better prevent prostatitis.

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