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Does That Men Don't Have Sex For A Long Time Cause Prostatitis Easily?
Sex is an important part of a couple's life, not only for their relationship, but also for their physical health. And if you don't have sex for a long time, it will have some effects on a man's body. Dose it lead to prostatitis?
Doctors point out that if sexual mood is not released in time, it can make pelvic cavity in a congested state all the time and unable to subside. A large accumulation of fluid in the prostate gland causes swelling or inflammation to the prostate gland, leading to swelling or inflammation of the prostate gland, which increases the risk of prostate diseases.

So maintaining scientific and regular sexual life not only will not affect the physical condition, but also can promote prostatitis subsidence. If necessary, the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can help you deal with prostatitis effectively, which not only helps you get rid of the root cause, but also improve your sexual function and body immunity. It leads to no adverse reactions, so it is very safe and helpful for male patients.
Besides, if normal people are void of sexual life for too long, there are some problems needing your attention.
1. It increases risk of cardiovascular disease.
Completion of sex can consume most of the calories, so the sexual life can enhance the heart and lung function, so that the reproductive parts get a certain exercise. For men who have not had sex for a long time, they have an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.
2. It reduces sperm quality.
Long-term abstinence causes sperm to store too much semen in the epididymis. When there is too much semen, it can spill out, or it can enter the urethra and follow the urine out of the body. If there is no sexual life for a long time, the testis can be inhibited to produce sperm, thereby reducing the quality of sperm and weakening sperm vitality.
3. It decreases sex organ function.
Not having sex for a long time can increase the risk of sexual dysfunction, leading to impotence. Because when there is sexual desire, the brain can receive instructions to stimulate the pituitary gland, so that the penis is in a state of congestion and become extremely active. If the heated sexual desire is depressed for a long time, it will reduce the sensitivity of the penis to accept the brain signal, letting the mood reaction slow or leading into impotence.
4. It causes depression.
Sexual life can help you give vent to bad mood and stress. The brain releases oxytocin and endorphin during sex, which can improve mood and relieve stress. Without sex for a long period of time, men become more grumpy and anxious, increasing the risk of depression.
So, a healthy and moderate sex life is a fraction of being a man, and you don't need to abstain from sex for too long. At the same time, don't overindulge in sex. If you are filled with energy, outside physical activities can benefit you a lot.

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