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What Causes Prostate Pain In Men? Notice Seven Problems
Male prostate pain is a more common problem, generally refers to compression pain of levator muscles on both sides of anus. Men suffering from prostate pain without suited treatment for a long period of time may experience mental problems like moodiness, depression and so on.
What causes prostate pain in men? Notice the following seven problems.

1. Be deficient in water
When you drink less water, your urine gets concentrated more. There is a high content of harmful substances in urine, which is easy to flow back into the prostate canal, and harmful substances accumulated in prostate management over a long period of time will gradually lead to the occurrence of diseases like prostatitis. Notice, under normal circumstances, you need to supplement at least seven glasses of water, about 2,000 milliliters.
2. Habitual chronic constipation
The posterior lobe of the prostate is close to the rectum due to the specific anatomical location of the human body. When you have habitual chronic constipation, the stool can continue pressing the prostate forward in the rectum, thus impeding local circulation. Meanwhile, long-term constipation will form the accumulation of toxins, reduce the body's immunity, and lead to the formation of prostate pain.
3. Sitting for too long
With the popularization of computers, more and more people choose to live, work and play in a seated state. But sitting for too long can lead to prostate pain. Firstly, abdominal pressure increases the pressure on the prostate. Secondly, when sitting, the prostate is in a horizontal position, which means its urethra lies on the same plane as the prostate canal does. So if there are bacteria in the urine, it will cause inflammation and prostate pain.
4. Excessive sex
People in modern life are open-minded, and one-night stand becomes common, which makes people indulge in sex without restraints. Excessive sexual life can make prostate gland congested, leading to prostate pain and prostatitis. You should control the sexual frequency while don't abstain from sex on purpose, which is also bad for male sexual function.
5. Spicy and stimulating food
Spicy food can enhance the stimulation of taste buds, but after eating them, there may be digestive tract problems, leading to male urinary congestion, which can be easy to cause constipation and other problems. These are very adverse to prostate local metabolism, which can induce inflammation and pain in the prostate gland.

6. Ethyl alcohol
In medicine, the appropriate term is "alcohol dependence." Many people take delight in drinking alcohol, but they do not know that drinking will lead to capillary congestion and mild edema, which usually belongs to the gland swelling, one of the causes of prostate disease.
7. Psychological factors
Modern people live a fast pace of life, so life pressure, mortgage, car loan and other things together can cause psychological problems like impetuosity, anxiety and other unhealthy psychological activities, which result in the endocrine disorders of the human body, thus leading to prostate problems and pain.
On condition that you are bothered by problems like prostatitis, the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can be your first option, which works on reliving pain and inflammation in the prostate gland while leading to no side effects. Its effects are reflected on the whole body. So it is secure and effective.

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