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Will Chinese Herbs Release My Prostate?
When facing real-time diagnosis and treatment of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), westerners will be too surprised to drop the jaw, even if they know a lot about Chinese Medicine or they have ever thought so.
A desperate patient tortured by chronic prostatitis won’t suffer another round of B ultrasound examination, urine and prostate fluid test. Instead, the doctor of TCM will firstly ask some questions, then order him to open the mouth and check his tongue. The doctor may tell him how badly the disease is and what symptoms he has or will do, which could amaze him. Lastly, the doctor will put two fingers on his one wist and feel the pulse quietly. All being done, he will explain the disease detailedly and write down a prescription with some Chinese herbal pills, like Diuretic and anti-inflammtory pill. Mostly, he also tells the patient how to use it and what are forbidden and what are beneficial. It seems that the doctor pay little attention to the patient’s prostate from A to Z. However, the confident prescription though is narrowly able to encourage him to take a doubtful try. Easy to understand, for every patient, the most significant question is that, will Chinese herbs release my prostate?
Yes, definitely. To comprehend the answer, we have to know how different is TCM from Western Medicine(WM). Taking foundation of the physiology, pathology and microbiology, the WM has numerous instruments to get precise results. Meantime, it has developed all kinds of antibiotics against infection The TCM, based on the traditional ideology of Unity of heaven and mankind, such as Yin&Yang, Organs&Systems and so on, believe that overusing body, evil wonding and changes of yin yang result in illness. The diagnosis is mainly relied on body-to-body experiences, and the disease is classified into a whole body or regional diseases. Usually the TCM could treat both symptoms and causes, but the curative effect is relatively slow. WM has quick effect, but can barely make a permanent cure. Moreover, the side effect can’t be ignored. Therefore, unit of Chinese and West draws wide attention, it may treat symptoms and causes with rapid effect, especially for stubborn disease like prostatitis, more and more healed examples followed the therapy.
Chronic prostatitis calls for timed treatment. At the first stage, patient should take some antibiotic pills to rapidly relieve the inflammation and avoid infection, the subsequent prolonged treatment relies nine tenths on Chinese herbs. So you know what Chinese herbs takes in the therapy. When using Diuretic and anti-inflammtory pill, you must follow some tips in order to assure the effect. Early to bed early to rise, eat light food, drink more water, do aerobic exercise and take pill on time. All in all, the first rule is regularity.

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