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How Much Do You know About the Harm of Seminal Vesiculitis?
Seminal vesiculitis is one of the most common infectious diseases in men. The onset age is mainly from 20 years old to 40 years old. The primary clinical manifestation is hemospermia, but there are two kinds: acute and chronic, and different people have different clinical manifestations. 

1. Pain: Acute cases have pain in the lower abdomen involving the perineum and groins. Chronic issues can appear in the pubic area of pain and perineal discomfort. The pain symptoms are significantly aggravations during the process of ejaculation.
2. Frequent urination, urgent urination, painful urination: acute patients with urgent urination, painful urination, and accompanied by visible dysuria. Chronic patients with frequent urination, urgent urination, and accompanied by obvious urination discomfort and burning.
3. Hemospermia: the symptom is expelling the hemospermia during ejaculation, and the semen is pink or red or with blood clots. The hemospermia phenomenon in acute patients is more prominent.
4. Other symptoms: there may be fever and chills, which are systemic symptoms of acute seminal vesiculitis. Hematuria is also one of the manifestations of acute seminal vesiculitis. But the chronic person will have some symptoms such as ejaculation pain, low sexual desire, spermatorrhea, and premature ejaculation.
5. Auxiliary examination: routine semen examination show many red blood cells and white blood cells. The cultivation of semen bacteria is positive. From the blood routine examination, the white blood cells of acute patients increased significantly. When doing the DRE, patients can touch the swollen seminal vesicle, accompanied by tenderness. It also has a mild pressing pain in the lower abdomen, perineum, and supra area.
Experts point out that men with seminal vesiculitis are left untreated in the regular hospital will lead to the following serious harm:
1. Caused sexual dysfunction: chronic seminal vesiculitis is complicated by chronic prostatitis, and mainly with blood sperm, semen is pink, red, or with blood clots. During sexual intercourse, the patients may feel pain, which causes sexual dysfunction and other symptoms and seriously affect the sexual life of husband and wife and family harmony.
2. Caused infertility: 90% of semen is seminal vesicle secretion, of which fructose can be used by sperm as a motivation source; when the seminal vesicle is inflamed, these secretions are reduced,  which can affect sperm motility and insufficient semen volume, resulting in male infertility.
3. Seminal vesicles are anatomically close to the prostate, vas deferens, urethra, bladder, etc. They communicate with each other, so seminal vesiculitis is often secondary to infection of different organs of the genitourinary system.
4. Because of the structural characteristics of the seminal vesicle, when the seminal vesicle is inflamed, drainage is not smooth; it is very easy to stay after the bacterial invasion, which brings some difficulties to the treatment. If left untreated or not completed treated, it will produce continuous onsets.
How can men treat seminal vesiculitis?
Herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has the main functions of clearing heat and dampness, promoting blood circulation, and removing stasis and drenching. The treatment of seminal vesiculitis has an excellent effect. It can kill Staphylococcus Aureus, Streptococcus Disease virus, etc. Moreover, it can smooth glandular tubes, eliminate toxins, promote gland function recovery, and achieve the effect of anti-inflammatory and pain relief. Compared with other treatment techniques, no operation, no bleeding, no pain, and effective treatment of seminal vesiculitis without complications.
If men have seminal vesiculitis, how to eat?
Patients with seminal vesiculitis must avoid spicy foods, such as pepper, garlic, scallions, ginger or mustard greens, etc. Moreover, they must prohibit alcoholic drinks to not stimulating the rectum.
At the same time, they should eat more fruits. Constipation or diarrhea can cause pelvic congestion. It is very bad for the disease, so they should eat more fruits. Apple is a good choice, because the taste is very pleasant, sweet, and sour, and has a two-way adjustment function intestinal: apple can purge when the shit is dry, because it contains cellulose that is very hard to absorb, and the cellulose can make shit become soft, not lump and constipation.
Apple also contains rich organic acids, which can stimulate the intestinal strengthen creep so that it can be unobstructed. When there is mild diarrhea, apples can make diarrhea heal spontaneously.
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