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Foods Unfit For Patients With Seminal Vesiculitis: Spicy Foods
Seminal vesiculitis is an infectious disease, which can be divided into acute and chronic two categories. Clinically, blood sperm is the main performance, and ejaculation semen is red or pink. Some patients can be accompanied by blood clots and often feel pain in the lower abdomen, especially significantly aggravated pain when ejaculation. 

Patients will also feel sore and swollen in the perineum, sometimes accompanied by urinary stimulation signs, such as frequent urination, urgent urination, urination pain, etc. Patients with chronic seminal vesiculitis can accompany systemic symptoms, such as fever, chills, etc. Patients with chronic seminal vesiculitis can have symptoms like low sexual desire, ejaculation pain, premature ejaculation, and spermatorrhea.
During the onset of seminal vesiculitis, spicy food should be forbidden as far as possible. Spicy food can stimulate the seminal vesicle glands. Some spicy food, such as green onion, raw garlic, chili, pepper, and other spicy and stimulating food, will cause patients to have symptoms like blood vessels dilatation and organ congestion, inducing infection or causing infection to worsen. For those patients with chronic seminal vesiculitis, who have a spicy eating habit and do not pay attention to it, it is easy to cause the recurrence of the disease, causing great harm.
What other things should patients with seminal vesiculitis notice on the diet?
Firstly, seminal vesiculitis patients do not drink too much in their daily diet.
Seminal vesiculitis patients need to pay attention to dietary items, which is not excessive drinking. As a kind of drink with vasodilatation function, the damage of wine to seminal vesiculitis patients can not be ignored. 
People often blush when they drink alcohol, which results from the alcohol dilating the blood vessels in the face. For the invisible internal organs, alcohol dilates blood vessels and causes congestion in the prostate. Professionals advise people who have been drinking for a long time to change their habits and drink less or no alcohol. Alcohol greatly hinders the healing of seminal vesiculitis.
Second, seminal vesiculitis patient does not eat greasy food in their daily diet
The diet of seminal vesiculitis patients should be light. Patients should not eat greasy food such as pork belly, fat mutton, and French fries, which is not conducive to the recovery of the disease. In the daily diet, patients can eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and soy products. But among the vegetables and fruits, leek, pumpkin, onion, eggplant, bamboo shoots, garlic, lychee, longyan, mango, durian, and pineapple, are not to be eaten.
If patients with seminal vesiculitis do not accept treatment in time, there will be adverse consequences, such as sexual dysfunction, infertility, etc. Seminal vesiculitis is a common disease generally caused by bacterial infection. Most patients have prostatitis and seminal vesiculitis at the same time. There are many ways to treat seminal vesiculitis. Western medicine will be relatively quick to have an effect, but there are specific side effects. If patients are worried about the side effects, they can try traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. Patients should take medication correctly and adhere to treatment to cure the disease.
Patients should follow the doctor's advice and have a moderate sex life. Before having sex, both men and women should pay attention to hygiene. Women should wash the perineum often, wear underwear with good air permeability, change underwear frequently, and put underwear under the sun. Exercise more, eat less spicy and stimulating food, quit smoking and alcohol, and develop good habits.
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