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Is Yellowed Seminal Fluid An Indication of Seminal Vesiculitis?
Brian is a little distracted these days. Even during the dinner, he was so absent-minded as not to hear what his wife said to him. Brian's wife is a careful woman. She noticed that her husband was acting these days strangely. Knowing him well over the years, she immediately realized that something was wrong.
Brian finally spoke out about what was confusing him under the pressure of his wife. Brian noticed that his seminal fluid had yellowed recently after having sex. He thought there seemed to be something wrong. He heard from his coworker that he might have got seminal vesiculitis, which left him a bit scary. 
As they were preparing to have a baby recently, Brian was afraid that he could not make his wife pregnant. So, he could not help letting his imagination run away. After knowing Brian’s confusion, Brian’s wife was also immersed in meditation, thinking about whether the yellowed seminal fluid was a symptom of seminal vesiculitis.

Male semen is normally milky white or grayish-white, translucent, viscous, and semi-fluid. If the color and trait of the semen change, it indicates that there may be an inflammatory infection.
Is yellowed seminal fluid an indication of seminal vesiculitis?
The yellowed color of semen is not necessarily caused by seminal vesiculitis. Patients diagnosed with seminal vesiculitis may have other clinical symptoms in addition to yellowed semen:
1. Hematospermia: This is the most significant manifestation of seminal vesiculitis. The seminal fluid takes the color of pink or red, or there are blood clots in the seminal fluid.
2. Urinary tract symptoms: Patients with seminal vesiculitis will have a urethral burning sensation, frequent urination, urgent urination, dysuria, and terminal hematuria.
3. Genital pain: Patients with seminal vesiculitis are also accompanied by scrotal discomfort, dull pain in the lower abdomen or perineum, and aggravated pain when discharging semen.
4. Sexual dysfunction: If seminal vesiculitis is left untreated for a long time, patients will appear loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, and other symptoms.
What are other causes of yellowed semen?
1. Semen concentration
If men’s ejaculation intervals are too long, the phenomenon of semen concentration happens. The result of this phenomenon is that the semen becomes concentrated and yellow. The color of older men's semen is grayish yellow or dark yellow, which is the result of semen concentration caused by long-term lack of release.
2. Inflammatory infection
Men with genitourinary inflammation, such as urethritis, prostatitis, epididymitis, and so on, will find their semen turns its color yellow due to the invasion and infection of pathogenic bacteria.
3. Chronic diseases
For men with chronic liver disease, chronic kidney disease, and so on, the color of their semen will change to yellow.
4. Other reasons
It is also possible for urine or semen to change color by taking certain medications for a long time, or taking a large amount of certain food in a short period, such as Rifampin, Rhubarb, Phenolphthalein, and other medicine. Eating fried and barbecue food can also lead to yellowed urine or semen.
How should the yellowed seminal fluid caused by seminal vesiculitis be treated?
Men having the following symptoms should be on alert for seminal vesiculitis. For example, the semen becomes yellow, and there is also obvious hematospermia, genital pain, urinary tract infection, and other symptoms. Once diagnosed with seminal vesiculitis, proper treatment should be sought with a positive attitude. Otherwise, it will affect the patient's quality of life and semen and, finally, lead to male infertility.
Once suffering from seminal vesiculitis, one can take medicine to alleviate the reproductive pain and discomfort. The effects of activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis in Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can regulate the genital pain and hemospermia symptoms of patients and restore the blood supply in the lesions. At the same time, its diuretic and drench effects can improve the symptoms of urinary tract irritation. Insist on seeking treatment until one returns to normal!
The yellowed semen is not entirely due to inflammation of the reproductive system. If one does not ejaculate for a long time, the semen will concentrate. This will also cause the semen color to be yellow. But this situation needs to be identified. If the color of the semen is yellow, one needs to go to the hospital in time for a routine semen examination and color ultrasound examination.
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