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What Should Youth Do after Getting Seminal Vesiculitis?
Seminal vesiculitis is a common urological disease caused by retrograde infection of viruses and bacteria, causing inflammation of seminal vesicles. However, in recent years, many teenagers have been diagnosed with this disease, a social concern. 

When the youth get seminal vesiculitis, they should go to a regular hospital to find the cause immediately and then use appropriate medicine for treatment to prevent the disease from getting worse.
The causes of seminal vesiculitis in teenagers are complex. The reasons may include holding urine frequently, being sedentary, lack of exercise, and other factors. Once youth suffer from seminal vesiculitis, there will be a variety of physical discomforts, such as urinary tract irritation, frequent urination, pain in urine, lower abdominal pain, and other symptoms. 
It is necessary to take timely treatment. Otherwise, the condition will worsen over a long period and may cause further complications, leaving the disease more difficult to treat.
In the critical period of growth and development, youth should protect the seminal vesicles well. The disease brings causes not only physical and mental pain but also causes harmful consequences for their reproductive function in the later stage. 
So how should youth deal with seminal vesiculitis once they have it?
1. After the youth have seminal vesiculitis, they can go to the hospital's urological surgery for a semen examination, a B ultrasound examination, and other necessary tests. These tests can help master the cause and severity of the disease. Then they can decide what method to use.
2. Take antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs to kill bacteria. Youth can choose levofloxacin, azithromycin, amoxicillin, and other suitable medicines for their conditions. Patients should take adequate doses according to the course of medication. For acute symptoms, they should take medicine for another one to two weeks under the guidance of their doctor.
3. Use physical therapy. They can use warm water sitz bath or local massage and other methods to promote Qi and blood running speed in the seminal vesicles, promote blood stasis, and relieve swelling and pain. Besides, they can promote the faster exudation of inflammatory secretion and help the disease cure.
4. Adopt surgical treatment. Suppose the symptoms of seminal vesiculitis in youth are severe. In that case, they can choose to remove the lesion tissue by a seminal vesicoscopic surgery, which can also achieve the purpose of cure.
5. Use herbal medicine treatment, including oral medicine, acupuncture, massage, and other methods. They have promising therapeutic effects on seminal vesiculitis. Teenagers need to be very careful about the drugs they take to avoid harm. The herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a better choice. Its broad-spectrum antibacterial properties can kill various bacteria and viruses that cause male genitourinary system diseases and will not produce drug resistance.
After adolescents get seminal vesiculitis, in addition to using the above methods to improve the treatment, they should focus on enhancing their unhealthy eating habits. They should avoid stimulating foods that may induce internal heat and avoid coffee or carbonated drinks. Otherwise, they may lead to aggravation of the disease and affect recovery. 
In addition, young men should insist on proper physical exercise to enhance physical fitness and clean and protect the genital parts. They should wear loose clothes and avoid frequent masturbation and sexual life. This can effectively reduce the incidence of seminal vesiculitis.
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