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How Should Seminal Vesiculitis Patients Exercise?

Many people often mistake seminal vesiculitis for prostatitis, but they are two completely different diseases. Their symptoms are also very different. 


Seminal vesiculitis refers to the local inflammation of the scrotum. Many patients will have impotence, premature ejaculation, sexual dysfunction, and even pain, which will threaten the sex between husband and wife. In addition to taking traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic And Anti-inflammatory Pill, which has good therapeutic effects, patients should do some appropriate exercise, which can treat seminal vesiculitis. So how should seminal vesiculitis patients exercise?

Sit-ups are a good exercise to build up the body and prevent seminal vesiculitis infection. But be careful; do not do sit-ups too long, or it will lead to prostate congestion. So every time you do sit-ups, you can divide a group of actions into 5 times. 15 groups each time and stick to it.

Jogging is also good exercise. While jogging, patients should pay attention to maintaining even breathing. Wear loose pants and underwear, preferably as loose as possible. Do not wear pants that are too tight to avoid wearing underwear into seminal vesicles when running with alternating legs, resulting in serious injury to seminal vesicles.

Tai chi is an exercise that helps blood circulation throughout the body. Tai chi can promote vital energy and blood activity and enhance physical fitness. The practice of tai chi increases sperm levels and sperm saturation. Tai chi on seminal vesiculitis disease effect is good and can play a role in prevention and treatment.

You can do aerobics. After suffering from seminal vesiculitis, to promote blood circulation, men can usually jump aerobics to relieve seminal vesiculitis. If you feel shy, it is suggested to close the door at home and jump, go to a professional gym to consult a fitness coach, and learn actions following the disk.

It's also good to go to the gym and run for exercise, which builds muscle and strengthens the body. Men's penises can also grow by exercising, and couples can bond. Through the combination of drugs, coupled with the auxiliary treatment of exercise, seminal vesiculitis will be able to recover soon. At the same time, it can prevent the recurrence of the disease from affecting the body's health.

After suffering from seminal vesiculitis, patients should choose exercise more suitable for physical fitness. Do not move too fast, as this is easy to damage the local seminal vesicle. Constant shaking of the body can also lead to local disease exacerbation of the seminal vesicle. Therefore, patients can usually choose soft action, exercise the body, and promote local blood circulation.

Seminal vesiculitis disease is very influential. Therefore, patients should actively treat at ordinary times and pay attention to sports. Learn how to improve your body through exercise. To speed up the rehabilitation of the disease, it can also prevent the deterioration of the disease at the same time, and promote the blood circulation of the whole body, to achieve a certain curative effect.

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