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Seminal Vesiculitis Can Affect Fertility: How to Improve Sperm Quality

Seminal vesiculitis is a common male disease. Infertility caused by seminal vesiculitis is due to infection with Escherichia coli, Proteus, Pseudomonas, etc. In severe cases, it can endanger men's health and cause male infertility.


Why does seminal vesiculitis cause male infertility?

1. The composition of semen will change. Sperm should contain a certain amount of nutrients to support sperm, help sperm motility, and a slight acid like lactic acid. If the seminal vesicles and prostate have inflammation, bacteria will move into the seminal plasma. Lactic acid bacteria will also increase the toxins and metabolites in the seminal plasma and excrete these substances from the body. The bacteria will devour the nutrients in the seminal plasma and absorb oxygen, reducing fertility.

2. The pH of the seminal plasma decreases. In this environment, the pH value of normal seminal plasma is 7.2-8.9, and sperm can move freely. Increased acidity can lead to sperm death in vesiculitis of the prostate.

3. The viscosity of semen increases. The seminal plasma contains bacteria, white blood cells, and even pus. Adhesives suddenly increased, and then it was not easy to liquefy, and sperm activity decreased, which was related to the decrease in liquefaction enzyme activity.

4. Abnormal sperm count. For seminal vesiculitis, the secretion of the seminal plasma reduces, detrimental to sperm survival. Sometimes, when aseptic prostatitis occurs, the number of seminal plasma increases. Thus, the number of sperm per unit volume decreases, and sperm dilution can affect fertility.

How to improve sperm quality?

1. Timely treatment. For sperm problems caused by male reproductive systems diseases such as seminal vesiculitis, natural medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a good choice. It can improve sperm quality and eliminate other symptoms.

2. Studies have shown that when the quality of male sperm declines, the vitamin content is deficient. Tomatoes, carrots, and other vegetables contain many vitamins that benefit male reproductive health.

3. Decreased spermatozoa and motility are related to the lack of trace zinc. Therefore, eating more zinc-rich foods such as oysters, shrimp skins, animal livers, laver, sesame, peanuts, and beans can improve sperm quality.

4. Supply folic acid. Men who lack folic acid will reduce the concentration of semen and weaken the motility of sperm. Sometimes it can also cause abnormal chromosomal separation in sperm, which can easily lead to miscarriage for the woman. Supplementing folic acid will reduce chromosomal abnormalities of male sperm.

5. Exercise regularly. Obesity is also a risk factor for sperm quality. Men should keep exercising, control their weight, and exercise no less than three times a week, each time no less than 45 minutes, such as playing ball, swimming, jogging, etc., are conducive to maintaining body shape and health. 

Work and rest on time quit smoking and drinking, and don't wear tight pants. Behaviors such as soaking in hot baths and saunas will seriously affect the spermatogenesis function of the testicles. In addition, long-term sedentary, driving, cycling, and other behaviors can also cause the temperature of the testicles to rise and affect the quality of sperm. Patients should avoid these unhealthy behaviors.

Don't worry too much if you have already had problems with sperm quality because some sperm quality problems may also be temporary. If you have reproductive diseases, smoke, drink, often stay up late, work overtime, are stressed, etc., as long as you adjust well, you can improve the quality of sperm through a healthy lifestyle. At the same time, you can also improve sperm quality through drug treatment under the guidance of a doctor quality.

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