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Can Seminal Vesiculitis Cause Hematuria Symptoms?

Seminal vesiculitis is a common infectious disease in men, which harms men's health. Therefore, men should understand the clinical symptoms of this disease so that they can find the condition as early as possible and take timely treatment to avoid bringing more significant harm to themselves. 

Seminal Vesiculitis and Hematuria

So, what are the specific symptoms of seminal vesiculitis? Will there be symptoms of hematuria?

Seminal vesiculitis can cause hematuria because, after this inflammation, the seminal vesicles will change and be more dilated than usual. When the patient urinates, the seminal vesicle smooth muscle will contract. 

The capillaries at the seminal vesicles are very fragile; if the inflammation is severe, the blood vessels will rupture during urination, resulting in blood from the capillaries entering the urethra and forming hematuria. Therefore, when seminal vesiculitis is severe, the symptoms of hematuria will appear.

However, there is a certain probability of hematuria; not everyone with seminal vesiculitis will experience this symptom. When the inflammation gradually affects the prostate and other associated urinary tissues, this effect can cause hematuria to some extent.

When a patient starts experiencing symptoms of hematuria, it proves that the inflammation has gone deeper. Therefore, it is necessary to alleviate the symptoms through timely treatment to avoid inflammation further so as not to have more severe effects on the body. 

Therefore, once diagnosed with seminal vesiculitis, patients should take timely medication, and antibiotics are currently the main treatment drugs. However, if antibiotic treatment is not effective, it is best to choose traditional Chinese medicine with non-drug resistance for treatment. 

Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has the function of anti-inflammatory, sterilization, detoxification, and pain relief, which can eliminate inflammation, relieve pain, improve patients' immunity, and cure the disease completely. Once the seminal vesiculitis is cured, hematuria will disappear naturally.

Besides hematuria, what are the other symptoms of seminal vesiculitis?

1. Hematospermia: When a man suffers from this disease, he may find blood in the semen ejaculated after orgasm. The amount of blood varies according to the nature of the lesion. Some may present as naked blood semen, some as microscopic blood semen, and blood clots may accompany some.

2. Urinary tract irritation symptoms: men usually experience symptoms of urinary tract infection when they suffer from reproductive system diseases, and seminal vesiculitis is no exception. It can cause patients to have urinary urgency, frequent urination, and painful urination, accompanied by a urethral burning sensation, stinging sensation, or terminal hematuria. These symptoms are associated with irritation of the mucous membranes of the urethra and bladder triangle caused by seminal vesiculitis.

3. Genital pain: It also causes pain in the patient's scrotum, lower abdomen, perineum, and inner thighs.

4. Painful ejaculation: A variety of seminal vesicle diseases can cause ejaculation pain, such as seminal vesiculitis, seminal vesicle stones, and so on, all of which will lead to genital pain, especially during ejaculation, which will make the pain more obvious.

5. Sexual dysfunction: Seminal vesiculitis can affect male sexual function. For example, it can decrease the patient's libido and erection dysfunction. It can sometimes lead to abnormal symptoms such as premature ejaculation, seminal emission, and failure to ejaculate.

6. Influence of fertility: If this disease is left untreated and the inflammation worsens, it can affect sperm quality and cause infertility. For example, chronic seminal vesiculitis can lead to infertility due to abnormal semen composition, and hematospermia can also lead to changes in semen composition and affect fertility.

To summarize, after seminal vesiculitis, men will experience the symptoms of hematuria and a series of pain and discomfort, such as ejaculatory pain, genital pain, and painful urination, which will severely impact men's lives. Men should attach great importance to this disease and seek medical help when symptoms appear to avoid delaying the condition and causing more serious damage to their bodies.

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