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How Should Patients with Seminal Vesiculitis Control the Progression of the Condition?

Seminal vesiculitis is clinically caused mostly by upstream, lymphatic, or blood infection. When it happens, it will have a great influence on patients. In addition to inducing patients to urinate frequently and urgently, it also easily leads to the symptoms of hematuria, and in serious cases, it even affects men's fertility. 

Seminal Vesiculitis

As one of the common male reproductive infections, many men do not know it well, and some patients do not even seek treatment, causing chronic inflammation and more serious health hazards to male patients.

Therefore, this article primarily reminds patients to pay close attention, take proactive treatment measures, and be mindful of nursing care during the treatment.

So, what can patients with seminal vesiculitis do to control the progression of the disease?

1. Take active treatment

Early patients with seminal vesiculitis do not need special treatment; as long as they pay more attention to rest in daily life and do a good job of daily care, they can play a good treatment. If necessary, patients can take some laxative drugs, which will be very good for treating seminal vesiculitis.

Patients in the acute phase of the disease can also be treated with antibiotics, which can be very effective in treating this disease. Patients usually take the medicine for 1 to 2 weeks after there will be obvious treatment effects and even recovery. Patients with chronic seminal vesiculitis take more than four weeks to have good results.

Local treatment can also relieve the symptoms. Patients can use warm water sitz baths daily, with the water temperature controlled at about 40 degrees, or use hot compresses on the perineum, improving local blood circulation and promoting the inflammation to subside.

Patients can also massage the seminal vesicles and prostate gland daily, which can promote blood circulation and discharge inflammatory substances and greatly help the treatment.

2. Control sexual life

Patients need to control the frequency of sexual life after the emergence of seminal vesiculitis and avoid excessive sexual behavior. This is because sex will put the male sexual organs in a long-term state of congestion, leading to the aggravation of the symptoms of seminal vesiculitis, which is not conducive to the recovery of the disease.

3. Keep light diet

In terms of diet, patients should avoid eating cold, spicy, and stimulating food and eat more light and nutritious food. Try to adopt less oil and salt when cooking food, such as boiling, steaming, and blanching. It is essential to stay away from alcohol and tobacco.

4. Take active exercise

Maintaining sufficient exercise is conducive to promoting blood circulation in the body, which is also helpful for the recovery of the disease. At the same time, it can also enhance the overall quality of the body and prevent the emergence of other conditions.

5. Avoid sitting for a long time

Being sedentary harms men's health, and many young and middle-aged men suffer from many diseases because of their work. It is recommended that men sitting for a long time stand up and move around occasionally to reduce the pressure on the seminal vesicles and facilitate local blood circulation.

6. Avoid overwork

Patients should also pay attention to rest and avoid overwork in daily life. Patients should only sit for a short time and avoid standing for a long time. It is best to combine labor and leisure, make reasonable arrangements for working hours, and only sometimes stay up late to work overtime.

In conclusion, seminal vesiculitis is a severe health hazard for men, and it is easy to recur without careful care. So, patients need to seek timely diagnosis and treatment at a reputable hospital, follow the doctor's advice for active treatment, and take post-treatment care measures to achieve a better health recovery.

In addition, male patients should enhance their confidence in treatment, maintain a good state of mind, and firmly believe that as long as the active treatment will be able to restore health.

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