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Is there a Cure for Asthenospermia?

Asthenospermia will not only cause male infertility, but also affect births and upbringing of male compatriots. So what are the main causes of male asthenospermia? Can asthenospermia be cured?
The main causes are as follows: 
1. Reproductive system inflammation: Male reproductive system inflammation, such as seminal vesicle inflammation, prostatitis, etc., if the treatment is not timely and thorough, it may gradually affect the quality of male sperm, leading to the occurrence of asthenospermia.
2. Varicocele: The occurrence of varicocele will affect the spermatogenic function of testis and cause the decrease of sperm motility.

3. Testicular dysplasia: If the male testis dysplasia, it will lead to abnormal function, affect sperm production and quality, at last, asthenospermia will occur.
1. Attention to fundamental treatment 
TCM believes that asthenospermia is a male reproductive system disease closely related to kidney, liver and other organ dysfunction. Kidney is mainly responsible for storage and reproduction, once kidney function is abnormal, sperm dysfunction will occur and lead to the occurrence of asthenospermia. 
Liver is mainly responsible for blood storage, homologous with kidney, sperm and blood has function of mutual alternation, once deficiency of Yin appears in the liver, asthenospermia could happen. 
Therefore, the treatment of asthenospermia should not only alleviate the patients' superficial symptoms, but also to regulate the kidney and liver function to achieve the effect of treating fundamentally with both elimination and reinforcement.

2. Focus on symptomatic treatment
The treatment of asthenospermia focuses on identifying the causes of asthenospermia, so as to carry out symptomatic treatment. Only by identifying the specific causes can we accurately carry out symptomatic treatment. 
If asthenospermia is caused by genital inflammation, then we should eliminate inflammation actively. If asthenospermia is caused by the lack of certain nutrients, treatment should be given priority to supplementing nutrition in time. 
If asthenospermia is related to endocrine disorder, it should be focused on regulating the endocrine mechanism.
3. Adhere to the Integrated Therapy of Chinese and Western Medicine

At present, the treatment of asthenospermia is the separate therapy of Chinese and Western medicine, but there are often some biased focus. In the case of asthenospermia caused by disease, this situation is often dominated by western medicine treatment, but it is not absolute. The main role of traditional Chinese medicine treatment is to play a role in conditioning. 
Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill as a natural therapy can be used as adjuvant therapy. The formula are mainly pure natural herbs derived from nature, which can be taken safely. 
Compared with antibiotics, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has greater advantages like no drug resistance, no side effects, no harm to bacterial imbalance, and so on.

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