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Is TCM Treatment of Hemospermia Good or Not
Hematospermia is more common in adults whom are middle-aged and elderly , which is mainly related to their sexual habits in this age group.

The occurrence of blood in sperm may also be accompanied by urinary tract irritation, ejaculation pain, lower abdominal and perianal soreness and bulging discomfort phenomenon. In particular, blood in sperm caused by seminal vesicle stones, ejaculatory duct stones, prostatic cyst stones, seminal fusitis and other inflammatory diseases is more obvious.

In TCM, blood in semen is also called "red turbidity", and the lesion is in "seminal chamber", which is commonly known as seminal vesicle. TCM bloody sperm syndrome type: Yin Huo-wang, hot and humid bet, Qi and blood deficiency syndrome. The main treatment is to clear away damp heat, and improve blood circulation mainly.

This is used to inhibit inflammation and enhance phagocyte function; improve capillary permeability and promote tissue repair and cell regeneration; and enhance the body's non-specific resistance to harmful stimuli. And these are not all that can be done with antibiotics alone.

Try Wuhan Dr. Lee natural TCM formula patented medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill formula is relatively rich in ingredients, contains more than 50 effective Chinese herbal medicinal materials, and the method of compatibility is also recognized by the national patent bureau, it plays a very obvious role in heat-clearing and detoxifying, blood circulation promoting, inflammation reducing and pain relieving, and the efficacy is stable without drug resistance or side effects.

Of course, the most important thing when taking traditional Chinese medicine is to have patience, must wait until the condition is completely controlled or a recovery is achieved before stopping the medication and it should be done under the advice of a doctor, otherwise the disease may not be cured from its roots, and easy to relapse in the future. 
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