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What Invited Seminal Vesiculitis? Does It Affect Fertility?
Male reproductive organs have an important role in sexual function, especially seminal vesicle and testicle, which are mainly responsible for the production of sperm. In clinical cases, seminal vesiculitis is very common, most easily seen in males aged 20 to 45 years old.
What is seminal vesiculitis?

The seminal vesicles lie in both side of the prostate gland, and when they become inflamed, it is called seminal vesiculitis. The fluid secreted from the seminal vesicle forms some parts of the semen. Persistent inflammation can affect a man's fertility. Most seminal vesiculitis occurs with prostatitis and involves both testicles.
Seminal vesiculitis is commonly divided into acute and chronic types. What are the causes of seminal vesiculitis?
1. Bacterial infection
Most bacterial infections are accompanied by fever and a rise in the number of white blood cells in the blood.
2. Infection of other organs
If other reproductive organs are inflamed, bacteria will travel through the bloodstream to reach seminal vesicles and cause inflammation.
3. Pathogen infection

The pathogen can invade into the seminal vesicle through the vas deferens. And E. coli is the most common pathogen.
4. Urinary tract infection

If the urinary tract is inflamed with pathogens, it will cause seminal vesiculitis by retrograde passage through the urethra to the seminal vesicle.
Why does seminal vesiculitis affect fertility?
1. Change composition of sperm
Seminal vesiculitis and prostatitis appear at the same time mostly, and the seminal fluid can be mixed with bacteria. Meanwhile, acid materials can also increase. In this rate, bacteria will swallow up the nutrient composition in seminal fluid, leading to poor and dead sperm, thus making male fertility declined.
2. Increase viscosity of sperm
When seminal vesiculitis breaks out, the seminal plasma will contain bacteria and large number of leukocytes, which can increase the consistency of semen, and make it uneasy to liquefy after ejaculation. Doctors point out that liquid sperm can enter a woman's vagina quickly, while non-liquid sperm can lead to decreased vitality, let alone the combination of sperm and egg.
3. Lead to abnormal quantity of sperm
When there is seminal vesiculitis, sperm secretion will be significantly reduced. In this case, sperm survival will be affected, and sperm quality and quantity will also be reduced, thus affecting fertility.
Therefore, patients should pay attention to this disease, and timely relevant examinations are needed when blood sperm is found. Get treated in time all the time. Usually, patients can try herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to treat seminal vesiculitis and prostatitis at the same time, which features a great effect on dispelling inflammations and improving male urogenital system. It features no side effects. Adhering to the medication, patients will get treated in full.
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