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Can Seminal Vesiculitis Be Detected By B-mode Ultrasound
Seminal vesiculitis is a very common male disease, and is usually caused by the urinary tract infection. Seminal vesiculitis in men can cause the appearance of semen to be pink, dark red or brown. But only counting on the semen condition can not make sure whether you have seminal vesiculitis or not, since it may also be some other urogenital problems, such as prostatitis or blood disease in the urinary system.
Can seminal vesiculitis be detected by B-mode ultrasound?

As you know, B-mode ultrasound can be used to check the body condition, commonly used for pregnant women in clinical practice. In fact, the content that B-mode ultrasound can involve can include the liver of human body, gall bladder, spleen, pancreas and so on, to judge whether there is a substantive viscera lesion in patients' body. At the same time, it can also be used for men to check the prostate gland, bladder and other reproductive organs, to determine whether there is an infection.
Therefore, seminal vesiculitis can be examined by B-mode ultrasound, while if only by the ultrasound, it will be not enough to determine the specific disease. To diagnose the seminal vesiculitis, you still need to do semen examination and other routine examinations at the same time. After all, a comprehensive examination can make a more accurate judgment of your condition. By the way, the vesiculography is also often used to check seminal vesiculitis.
After you got seminal vesiculitis, the doctor will offer medicine according to your condition, and due to the type of the disease, the treatment can be different. Therefore, you should take the medicine according to the doctor's advice, and do not suspend or change the treatment at will.
Acute seminal vesiculitis can be treated with antibiotics and it usually lasts one to two weeks. But if you don't take your medication as directed, or if you don't get treated in time, acute symptoms will easily turn into chronic ones. In such cases, antibiotics are not recommended.
Usually, the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can effectively solve chronic seminal vesiculitis. This is a pure Chinese medicine product, which can effectively kill bacteria, eliminate inflammation and improve urinary system health. It doesn't cause side effects or drug resistance. It is adequate for a long-term use to achieve the goal of a complete cure.
During the treatment, the nursing on diet is very important as well. Patients with seminal vesiculitis should eat light foods and avoid pungent stuff, which can aggravate the inflammation and go against the recovery. Patients should drink more water and eat more vegetables and fruits, especially some diuretic and anti-inflammatory foods, such as cucumber, white gourd, celery and so on. What's more, patients with seminal vesiculitis should also give up smoking and drinking as far as possible.
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