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Why Does Seminal Vesiculitis Affect The Fertility? Four Factors Matter
Sperm in semen is the messenger of new lives. In addition to the sperm, seminal plasma in the semen also has a decisive influence on fertility. Seminal plasma components are mainly secreted by seminal vesicles and the prostate gland. As a result, once the seminal vesicle gets inflamed, it will endanger the male fertility.

Seminal vesiculitis affects male fertility in the following aspects:
1. Seminal vesiculitis causes changes in the composition of semen.
Seminal plasma contains a certain amount of nutrients to support sperm and help sperm move around, and it also contains trace numbers of lactic acid and other acidic substances. Once the seminal vesicle becomes inflamed, its normal function will be affected, resulting in changes in the composition of the seminal plasma and the emergence of bacteria. Lactic acid substances will also increase the toxin of the bacteria, and their metabolites will also be excreted in the seminal plasma. The bacteria then gobble up nutrients in the seminal plasma and rob the oxygen, making it difficult for sperm to survive and making men less fertile or infertile.
2. Seminal vesiculitis causes a decrease in the pH value of semen.
The normal pH value of seminal plasma is 7.2 to 8.9, in which the sperm can move freely. When seminal vesiculitis appears, acid materials will increase, which will hurt the sperm and make it lost or even dead, thus leading to male infertility.
3. Seminal vesiculitis causes an increase in semen viscosity.
When having seminal vesiculitis, there are massive bacteria and white blood cells in seminal plasma, even mixed with pus. The semen viscosity will be increased suddenly, which makes the ejaculated semen not easy to liquefy. In this case, the sperm motility rate will be decreased, which is related to the decrease of liquefying enzyme.
4. Seminal vesiculitis makes the number of sperm decreased.
When seminal vesiculitis appears, the secretion quantity of seminal plasma has reduced mostly, which will go against the survival of sperm. Meanwhile, white blood cells used to kill bacteria may also kill sperm by mistake, leading to a decrease in sperm number. A lower sperm quantity can affect the union of sperm and egg, leading to infertility.
Seminal vesiculitis clearly has a huge impact on both the quantity and quality of sperm. And if left untreated, it will cause other urinary problems, such as prostatitis. Clinically, seminal vesiculitis and prostatitis often occur at the same time, so patients with these problems must be promptly and thoroughly treated.
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