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Seminal Vesiculitis In Men -- How To Improve The Quality Of Sperm
Seminal vesiculitis and prostatitis often happen simultaneously, so it is difficult to distinguish between them. Seminal vesiculitis often involves both sides of the testes. The common cause the disease is the E coli, followed by staphylococcus, streptococcus, diphtheria bacilli, etc.
The clinical manifestations of acute seminal vesiculitis are similar to those of acute prostatitis, presented as perineal pain, which can radiate to the groin, lumbosacral and suprapubic areas. Chronic seminal vesiculitis, often accompanied by chronic prostatitis, can lead to hemospermia mainly. The semen becomes pink or red with blood clots.
The appearance of seminal vesiculitis can cause great damage to a man's sperm. Not only can the bacteria harm sperm and rob them of their nutrients, but the body's immune system can also mistakenly attack sperm, resulting in a decrease in sperm count and quality.

The health of male sperm is an essential step in ensuring successful fertilization. Both seminal vesiculitis and prostatitis can influence the sperm growth, making it lost or even dead. As a result, males with chronic seminal vesiculitis or chronic prostatitis can suffer from infertility.
Generally speaking, broad-spectrum antibiotics should be given intravenously in the acute phase. For chronic problems, it is more suggested that males take the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to get a complete cure. Since it is made from herbal ingredients, it won't lead to side effects or drug resistance in males. It is surely safe for male health.
Besides treatment, many patients tend to concern about the sperm quality. How to improve it?
"A lot of men come to the hospital when they want to have a baby and then find out the problem has been serious."
"In fact, a man's sperm quality can be improved by starting small."
Men should eat less celery, white radish, balsam pear, raw garlic and other foods. Animal experiments have proved that balsam pear, raw garlic and so on will have a certain effect on male sperm.
While you can eat more tomatoes and carrots. Studies have shown that the sperm quality decreases when the vitamin deficiency occurs, and tomatoes contain a lot of zinc, carrots contain various vitamins, which are beneficial for male reproductive health.
In addition, barbecue and fried starch foods contain the carcinogenic poison acrylamide, which can lead to less sperm and weak sperm in men. Studies have found that the reduction of sperm in patients is related to the zinc deficiency. Therefore, eating more oysters, shrimp skin, animal liver, seaweed, sesame, peanuts, beans and other foods rich in zinc, can ensure the sperm quality and quantity.
It is also needed to avoid smoking, drinking and wearing skinny pants, which can also seriously affect sperm production in the testicles. In addition, long-term sitting, driving, cycling and other behaviors can also lead to testicular temperature rise, affecting sperm quality. So you should get rid of these behaviors as far as possible.

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