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Abstinence First When Suffering From Seminal Vesiculitis
Seminal vesiculitis, as one of the most common diseases in men, affects male daily life, especially the sexual life. So, do men with seminal vesiculitis need to abstain from sex?
For normal men, before ejaculation, there is a lot of seminal vesicle fluid accumulated in the seminal vesicle, and the pressure in the seminal vesicle is very high. After ejaculation, the pressure in the seminal vesicle drops sharply. This kind of pressure fluctuates greatly, which can easily cause seminal vesicle bleeding.

When suffering from seminal vesiculitis, there are edema and congestion in the seminal vesicle wall, and the brittleness of the capillary on the wall increases, which may rupture extremely easily.
If it coincides with sexual ejaculation, seminal vesicle will be strongly contracted, which is equivalent to that the capillaries on the seminal vesicle wall are further extruded and torn, which will aggravate capillary rupture and organ bleeding, making blood sperm more obvious.
Therefore, patients with seminal vesiculitis in the stage of severe inflammation, accompanied by blood sperm or ejaculation pain, should absolutely abstain from sex until the blood sperm is solved. Continuation of sexual behaviors including masturbation is not recommended in the presence of blood sperm.
In addition, when men suffer from seminal vesiculitis, there will be a large number of bacteria in the seminal vesicle fluid in the body. If bacteria are allowed to enter the vagina with semen, it will be very unfavorable for women, which may cause various gynecological diseases or inflammations.
So patients with seminal vesiculitis are not suitable for sexual intercourse. After the condition is well solved, the sexual life can be restored step by step. If you really want to have sex, you should wear a condom to prevent transmission of germs to the woman.
After active treatment for patients with seminal vesiculitis, hemospermia symptoms will disappear, and then they are allowed to have sex moderately. Be careful not to have too intense sex life, and the best frequency for patients is 1 to 2 times a month.

Moderate sex life is beneficial to seminal vesicle fluid being emptied in time already, and can avoid high pressure in seminal vesicle caused by excessive accumulation of seminal vesicle fluid. When the condition is stable for more than half a year, you can appropriately increase the frequency of sexual life.
If there is still blood after sexual life, it means the condition is not stable, and you should stop sexual life, and continue to strengthen the treatment.
There are thousands of treatments available, but not all of them will help you completely cure seminal vesiculitis. Inadequate treatment often leads to endless problems and make your efforts fall through. Luckily, the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill enable you to pull through.
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