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Does Seminal Vesiculitis Affect Male Fertility? Listen To Detailed Explanation Of Experts
Male fertility is linked to many factors, but sperm counts the most. Sperm in semen is like the messenger of new life, which is an important part of seminal plasma.
Male experts introduce that seminal plasma components basically are secreted by seminal vesicle and prostate. Therefore, once the seminal vesicle is attacked by an inflammation, it will endanger a man's fertility.

The influence of seminal vesiculitis on male fertility is reflected in the following aspects.
1. Seminal vesiculitis makes semen plasma pH imbalanced.
Normal seminal plasma pH ranges from 7.2 to 8.9. In this environment, sperm is free to develop and mature. But seminal vesiculitis can disrupt this balance, leading to an increase in acid. In the acidic environment, sperm is vulnerable to corrosion, resulting in sperm death and a decline in its numbers.
2. Seminal vesiculitis causes changes in the composition of semen.
The seminal plasma contains a certain amount of nutrients to support sperm and help sperm motility, but also contains a small amount of acid and other acids. Seminal vesiculitis can affect its normal function and cause changes in the composition of the seminal plasma. At the same time, the bacteria will eat away at the sperm's nutrients, competing for resources and oxygen, leaving the sperm penniless. Sperm survival is so difficult that it leads to decreased male fertility or even male infertility.
3. Seminal vesiculitis results in increased semen viscosity.
When you have bacteria in your body, your own defense force goes into action, called white blood cells. When you have seminal vesiculitis, there are bacteria and lots of white blood cells in the semen, and even pus mixed in. In this case, the semen viscosity suddenly increases, making the ejaculated semen less likely to liquefy. In this case, sperm's motility is reduced and they are unable to move forward and meet the egg, thus leading to male infertility.

Seminal vesiculitis makes the environment for your sperm worse, and for you, your body is in more trouble.
Seminal vesiculitis can cause frequent urination, urgent urination, painful urination, even causing hemospermia. The pain of seminal vesiculitis will be felt throughout your life. It will be there when you're peeing, when you're having sex, even when you're sleeping.
Further, it will also cause high fevers, headaches, chills, and sexual dysfunction. It will drive you crazy if not treated in time. So what treatment method can you take?
If it is acute seminal vesiculitis, you can take antibiotics for a rapid treatment. If it is a chronic disease, you can take the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to get a complete cure. It can solve painful symptoms, kill bacteria and viruses, and enhance your body resistance. Furthermore, it has no side effects even if you take it for a long period of time. So it is safe and effective, and you can take it with no worry.

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