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Four Dietary Recommendations For Seminal Vesiculitis
Some men think seminal vesiculitis is a minor ailment, and they only need to endure the pain so that the disease will fade away on its own. Conversely, the disease can lead to the destruction of antimicrobial performance in the gland, and the ultimate disaster is infinite as time ticks away.
The clinical manifestations of the disease vary. Seminal vesiculitis, especially chronic seminal vesiculitis combined with chronic prostatitis, is more difficult to treat. In truth, seminal vesiculitis is the most easily ignored sperm killer. Once a man get seminal vesiculitis, it will put them at risk of infertility.

During the treatment of seminal vesiculitis, sometimes patients may choose non-professional medical institutions for body recuperation for the sake of saving money. Due to the lack of correct diagnosis and accurate classification, they can not get scientific and reasonable treatment, resulting in the delayed cure of seminal vesiculitis, so that they mistakenly believe that seminal vesiculitis is a lifelong disease.
To cure seminal vesiculitis, they take a lot of medicine. When the results are not satisfactory, they change the treatment at random. But what you really need is a proper treatment and a proper diet.
For example, Chinese herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a good choice for treating chronic seminal vesiculitis. And equipped with a healthy diet, you'll get better faster. Here are four dietary recommendations for you.
1. Carp Soup
You need 200 to 500 grams of carp, and appropriate amount of pepper, seedling fragrance, green onion, ginger and so on. The carp soup has the function of clearing dampness and heat, and is used for blood semen caused by the dampness and heat.
2. Boiled black beans with pig kidney
You need a pair of pig kidney and 500 grams of black beans. Boil these materials and take out the black beans and dry them in the sun. Eat the beans about 30 to 50 grams every day for half a month. It has the function of invigorating yang and enriching essence, and is used for blood semen caused by deficiency of yang.
3. Fresh lotus porridge
You need 50 grams of fresh lotus root and 50 grams of japonica rice. Boil both into congee and add sugar to adjust the taste. It has the function of clearing heat, cooling blood and stopping bleeding, which is used for blood semen caused by blood heat misbehavior.
4. Pork tendon soup
You need 80 grams of pork tendon, 50 grams of suberect spatholobus stem and six red dates. The soup has the function of promoting blood circulation and clearing blood stasis, and is used for blood semen caused by blood stasis.
Hope these recommendations will do you good in daily life. If you feel something wrong, please go see a doctor in time. And if you want more suggestions or consult more problems related to your body condition, feel free to contact us through email. We will try all out to help you pull through.

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