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What is the Effect of A Warm Sitz Bath in Seminal Vesiculitis Treatment
Seminal vesiculitis is divided into acute and chronic. As the causes of two different symptoms and the harm they bring are not the same, men must be clear about the obvious symptoms of seminal vesiculitis to judge whether they are acute and chronic seminal vesiculitis, and further understand the cause and harm of the disease.

If it is an acute seminal vesicle inflammation, the symptoms will present the following performance: the function of sperm synthesis is blocked with pain around the sperm; a sense of uncomfortable pain appear in the groin and lower abdomen; walking or running can cause these tingling sensations to increase. 
If it is a chronic seminal vesicle inflammation, the symptoms present the following several manifestations: there is a significant feeling of falling; frequent pain may spread significantly with distension.The pain radiates to the root of the ipsilateral thigh; the symptom will affect the epididymis, testis and other parts. If the case is serious, it may affect the normal synthesis of sperm. What’s more, during the growing period, the development of epididymis and testis will be negatively disturbed.
Therefore, seminal vesiculitis needs treatment. The more effective drug treatment method is natural medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It can eliminate the inflammation of the affected area effectively, and can prevent the spread of inflammation and damage other organs. It acts on the whole urogenital system.
Besides, a warm sitz bath also helps. The principle of a warm sitz bath includes the following steps: use the function of temperature to relax muscles and blood vessels; speed up the regional blood circulation; promote the dissipation and absorption of regional exudation. Patients can feel comfortable at that time. This method of Warm sitz bath can alleviate clinical phenomena and is helpful to build a good environment for the seminal vesiculitis. Also it is an effective measure for the treatment of seminal vesicle inflammation.
In conclusion, a warm sitz bath can have an effective influence on seminal vesicle inflammation.

The steps of Warm sitz bath: 
First of all, prepare for the water close to half of the basin, followed by the hip seated at the basin.Then keep a normal water temperature between 30 and 40 degrees Celsius. What’s more, the interval of bath time is about 20 minutes. 
Remember to add hot water in the middle to maintain the temperature of water, it will be better to sit bath 1-2 times a day, and adhere to the treatment method until the symptom of Seminal vesiculitis is cured. Pay great attention to avoiding high water temperature, or it will be harmful to sperm. 
In addition, the diet habit is of vital importance. Try not to eat spicy food or cold food, do not drink, smoke and stay up late, choose to eat some fresh vegetables and fruits。Take more exercise to build up your body and keep a good mood will be more beneficial to the cure of the illness.
To cure the symptom of Seminal vesiculitis, a warm water sitz bath is generally 10 days for a period of treatment and keeps water temperature around 35 degrees. At the same time, pay attention to take a bath time about 20 to 30 minutes.
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