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The Common Chinese Herbs for Chronic Seminal Vesiculitis
Generally speaking, seminal vesiculitis is an inflammation of the seminal vesicles. Although it may occur independently, seminal vesiculitis is most often secondary to prostatitis. Antibiotic is usually prescribed to cure chronic seminal vesiculitis. However, clinical results support the views that the more times antibiotic be taken, the less effective it will be. So choosing a remedy to treat chronic seminal vesiculitis is very important. Besides antibiotics, boiled water hip bath and estrogen, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) is highly commended for chronic seminal vesiculitis.
According to TCM, chronic seminal vesiculitis belongs to the category of "Bloody Sperm" and common Chinese herbs, such as radices morindae, Lotus Stamen, mediar, poria, mulberry and so on, have remarkable effects on treating chronic seminal vesiculitis. Also, an amount of clinical trials have shown that Chinese herbs, as a kind of effective remedy to treat chronic seminal vesiculitis, can not only keep a long-lasting effect, but has neither side effect nor drug resistance compared with antibiotics.
An herbal medicine named Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which contains numerous pure herbal essences like those mentioned before, can help to treat chronic seminal vesiculitis effectively.
The particular formula of this medicine can help to eliminate inflammation and hyperplasia of prostate effectively, comprehensively improve the internal and external state, solve the difficult problems of prostate drug penetration and drug absorption with effect, directly effect on the pathological improvement of diseased prostate glands. After the effective components of this pill penetrate go into the blood stream, they can quickly clear away kidney garbage, heat, humidity and toxic material, effective nourish liver and spleen and kidney, dissipate blood stasis and  promote the circulation of the blood, strengthen renal function, comprehensive regulate the body's balance. And clinical results show that with a prolonged use of Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, the conditions of patients who suffer from chronic seminal vesiculitis can be comprehensively improved. With prostate glands finally restored, micturition will be smooth and energetic, and sexual function can be fully recovered,
As a kind of TCM therapy, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has completely broken the previous treatment of chronic seminal vesiculitis. What’s more, it can even treat chronic prostatitis disease that is related to chronic seminal vesiculitis.
To favor the recovery of chronic seminal vesiculitis, as good habits, it is also necessary to pay attention to smoking and alcohol cessation, keep ordinate hours, more exercise at the same time. 
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