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The Common Symptoms of Chronic and Acute Seminal Vesiculitis
Seminal vesiculitis is one of the most common male infectious diseases. Males who are likely to infect it ages are arranging from 20 to 45 years. The main clinical symptom is blood in semen. It can lead to infertility, and also cause serious harm to men's health, this would be various from individuals. Although seminal vesiculitis is a common males' disease with the higher incidence, people still don’t have clear understanding of what kind of disease it belongs to.
Early symptoms of seminal vesiculitis are lower abdominal pain in patients. While those who have an acute one, would suffer from abdominal pain, which can appear both at sides of the perineum and groin. Main symptoms are for pain in the perineum and rectal, increased pain when the stool, which can also cause pain during intercourse. It is manifested in patients with chronic pain on the pubic area, and with perineal discomfort, pain during ejaculation is particularly evident. Some people have low sexual desire, nocturnal emission, premature ejaculation and other symptoms.
Now let discuss the symptoms of chronic and acute seminal vesiculitis in details.
The common symptoms of chronic seminal vesiculitis
1, blood in semen. It is a typical symptom of seminal vesiculitis. Semen appearances pink, dark red or brown in color, with few old crumb-like clot. Blood in sperm is often difficult to disappear without immediate treatment. It would more persistent for several months. Most seminal vesiculitis patients suffer from this symptom without pain.
2, DRE systems. Obese people often palpable seminal vesicle, some patients may have slightly harder texture and bilateral seminal vesicles, enlargement and tenderness, when adhesions around the seminal vesicle it gets ill.
3, Urinary system. Most patients with no significant urinary tract irritation, there are more complaints perineum and lower abdominal discomfort, some patients with urethral burning sensation, hematuria early after ejaculation.
4, Nervous system. They fear of the impact of their own blood, sperm and spouse health, and worry it would affect fertility, so patients have a heavier burden, patients often feel dizziness, fatigue, these are particularly evident in those who have infected it for a long time.
The common symptoms of acute seminal vesiculitis
1, due to blood circulation, patients may have chills, fever, aches and pains and abdominal pain. If patients infected it through transurethral retrograde, they would always have frequency urination, urgency urination, painful urination, and pain in dysuria, perineal and rectal.
2, Rectal examination in the examination may cause seminal vesicles increased, tenderness, abscess formation may have a sense of volatility.
If males have above symptoms, they should pay special attention to it, at the same time; they should go to the hospital as soon as possible. Because seminal vesiculitis is easy to repeat and it also leads to sexual function disorders, and even lead to infertility. Men couldn't ignore these problems, try to prevent it from living habits, and seek for symptomatic treatment.
Fortunately, seminal vesiculitis is curable, and the useful treatment has been found by Wuhan Dr. Lee’s TCM Clinic. The herbs in Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill operate appropriately and directly into reproductive plan and urinary technique, to completely clear up infections. It terminates chronic discomfort by notably enhancing blood circulation and eliminating inflammation progressively. Thus each of the inevitable symptoms of seminal vesiculitis could be eliminated by it.
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