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Why blood in semen is common in young males?


It is common to see blood in semen among males, especially in young males. But why there are increasing number of young men suffer from blood in semen, this question has been discussed frequently in recent years. To find out the exact answer, we should figure out know the common causes. So what are the most common causes of blood in semen among young men. Below are the four common causes that would led to this problem.
Rude sexual intercourse
The top cause of blood in semen among young men is violent sexual intercourse. Generally speaking, the genital track and urethra would get hurt during violent intercourse. In addition, semen must pass through these two organs, so if there any injuries on them, the blood in the two organs will come out with the semen. And this is way after rude sexual intercourse, young men would always find the blood in semen. Once they stop having violent sexual intercourse,this type of blood in semen won't appear either.

Excessive masturbation
Another common cause for blood in semen is excessive masturbation. As it is known to all that the sexual organs would be easily infected through masturbation, this would bring angiorrhexis to men. Therefore, these young males who have excessive masturbation they would suffer from blood in semen . It is the same way like the blood in semen caused by rude intercourse, there is no need to worry about this type too, since blood in semen would also disappear if stop having excessive masturbation.
Seminal vesiculitis
As we all know that the semen is composed by secretions from the reproductive organs like prostate and seminal vesicle. Therefore, if there is any infection on the seminal vesicle, under the irritation of infection, the thin wall of seminal vesicle would be easily broken, thus blood would appear in semen. If blood in semen occurs in this situation, it is a little severe. And the immediate treatment for it is needed. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a good choice for blood in semen in this kind of case.
The prostatic fluid is also a component of semen, so if one had prostatitis, blood in semen would easily to be seen these patients, the prostatic fluid containing blood would happen because of the congested prostatic blood vessel. That is to say, prostatitis is also the common causes that would bring blood in semen to young men. Usually prostatitis is cured by antibiotic therapy and TCM therapy both. However, TCM therapy is better, because it is safe and does not have drug resistance.
Above are four common causes of blood in semen among young males. That is why blood in semen is more and more common, and also could explain the age of this problem is younger and younger. Since it is really easy to suffer from this problem, young male should pay more attention to their sexual life.
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