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Attention: One who has a cold may cause colpomycosis
Recently, many Chinese nets had reported the news about colpomycosis, which sparked a heated discussion among female patients. And what impressed us most is that Dongfeng net reported that there will be a close connection between cold and colpomycosis.
"You must be kidding!" Some women said, "We often have a cold during years, but how could cold lead to this genital tract disease?" Indeed, when you hear about the news that one who has a cold may cause Colpitis mycotica, you may think that it just likes a fable at all; however, it does have the value as it exists.
Generally speaking, the female reproductive system has the function of self-cleaning, thus prevents the invasion of the bacteria and viruses effectively. However, when this function is damaged, it is likely to cause the gynecological diseases 
Colpitis mycotica is one of the typical examples among them. As you can see, the resistance and immunity will decrease as you have a cold, and then, it is more easily infected by pathogenic bacteria and there is no doubt that the self-cleaning function of the vagina will be influenced as well.
Known to everybody, the vagina is just like a soldier guarding the gate and it takes responsibility of promoting the reproduction tract prevent from the uplink infection of bacteria, however, once the function we mentioned before has been broken down, it is easy to lead to dysbacteriosis during the period of having a cold, thus providing an opportunity for pathogenic bacteria to enter the body and lead to vaginal inflammation.
In addition to this, Dongfeng net pointed out that there will be another important reason, namely the abuse of antibiotics, will be the fuse. The article said: many patients may not go to see a doctor instead of taking some antibiotics medicine for the common cold, however, cold is divided into many types such as viral cold, bacterial cold, etc. Therefore, taking antibiotics blindly to cure the cold before your doctor gives you same reasonable advice is not smart at all as it may lead to the imbalance of vaginal microenvironment and may cause Colpitis mycotica.
In summary, the reasons that one who has a cold may cause Colpitis mycotica can be divided into two kinds, that is, the decreasing of resistance and immunity during having a cold, and abuse of antibiotics medication before seeing a doctor. 
If left untreated once infected by inflammation during having a cold, the symptoms such as abnormal vaginal discharge that may have an odor, painful periods, itching or burning in or around the vagina and pain when urinating will pose threat to patients'health, thus taking some anti-inflammatory drugs such as herbal medicine fuyan pill under the guidance of your doctor is very essential.
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