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Vaginal Discharge-how to judge vaginal discharge is normal or abnormal?
The Vagina is regarded as an entrance linking the outside of the body and the inside organs in the reproductive system. Then its discharge, that is to say, Vaginal Discharge is also a normal part of a woman’s reproductive system. Generally Speaking, normal and healthy Vaginal Discharge can bring woman a good mood and the ability of resistance to diseases, on the contrary, abnormal vaginal discharge can increase the risk of getting some gynecologic diseases. Therefore, learning to judge them is very important. 
Usually, in order to differentiate them, these four aspects need to be observed.
1. Color: a normal vaginal discharge is with the purpose of cleaning and moistening the vagina, and helping to prevent and fight infections. And it should be Clear or whitish discharge (may be yellowish when dried), and abnormal vaginal discharge is brown or other abnormal color.
2. Scent: the scent of a normal vaginal discharge should be mild or none at all, if she has a strong, foul, even like “fishy” smell, then it can prove strongly she has abnormal vaginal discharge, maybe she is infected with some inflammations or infections. 
3. Texture: a normal vaginal discharge should be stretchy, clearly, but abnormal vaginal discharge is Clumpy or lumpy , sometimes it is like “cottage cheese”, and she may  feel vaginal itching, burning, swelling, or redness
4. Volume: a normal vaginal discharge is changeable depending on the circle of the menstruation. If she is in ovulation or aroused, the discharge will get too much, but if she is near to the circulation of the menstruation, then the discharge is very little. If there exists a sudden change in volume, and meanwhile, others symptoms is also shown out, then these are abnormal.  
Next, these abnormal symptoms are related with the vaginal infection, but they can induce the diseases which are different. Let’s see the detailed information in the following:
  Yeast infection- Generally Speaking, a yeast infection can not bring into a strong smell. Its main symptoms are in Texture, it is white and thick and like “cottage cheese”, meanwhile, its coming can result into your vaginal itching and burning.
 Bacterial vaginosis (BV)- The main symptom of BV is in its unpleasant odor, its smell can be like “fishy”. And the color is also different, it may be gray.
 Trichomoniasis-a common sexually transmitted disease (STD), it cannot only bring into strong odor but also be green ,yellow in color. Usually, it can make you feel the sensation of itching and burning.
Different diseases of these vaginal infections can be treated in a conservative Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM), like Fuyan pill, it has the feature of clearing away the heat and toxic materials to kill off various kinds of bacteria, virus, pathogens, thus it has the effect on diminishing the inflammations and infections. What’s more, it can also promoting the blood circulation to remove the blood stasis, thus it can help you improve the immune system on the overall.
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