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Common Four Misunderstandings of Vaginitis
Vaginitis is a popular disease for women, many women experienced it, some even got it again and again, but do women have enough understanding about it? Here are some misunderstandings of vaginitis treatment.

1. Vaginitis is caused by not unqualified hygiene preparation. But if cleaning vulva too often, especially swill vagina by gynecological lotion will break the environment in vagina, the ecological balance of vagina itself, change the PH level inside, decline the self cleaning function of vagina and multiply more and more pathogens , then lead to vaginitis.
2. Once got vaginitis again, you only need to use the same medicine as last chioce, you don’t need to do check again. But there are many types of vaginitis, only nichetargeting medicine is effective.
3. A lot of antibiotics are needed, the more and better.
Many people think inflammation is caused by bacteria, antibiotics can kill bacteria then cure inflammation. Actually, besides bacteria, the most common pathogens causing vaginitis are mold and trichomonas, commonly antibiotics have nothing to do with them, especially mold. On the contrary, if taking antibiotics too much, it will cause resistance, break the balance among vaginal flora, and make fungi grow vigorously. This will delay the treatment duration again and again, and make the disease can not be cured effectively. Compared with antibiotics, patients can try a Chinese herb medicine which is called Fuyan Pill, it has no side effect and will not cause resistance.
4. Patients can stop taking medicine immediately once symptoms disappear.
In most cases, after taking medicine for several days, patients will feel much better, so many of them think the disappearance of uncomfortable feeling means inflammation is cured, and they don’t need to use medicine continuously. Actually, patients should obey strict course for curing vaginitis, if not obey, inflammation can appear again, and make it harder to treat the disease. So patients should take enough medicine according to the course, after eating all the medicines, they should get a check again as the doctor said to know if the inflammation is really cured. It is strongly recommended after taking Fuyan Pill, you need to finish all the Chinese herb medicine.
Avoiding all misunderstandings above and choose the right medicine, you can get a very good vaginitis treatment.

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